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First Source Wireless multi-person intercom systems that are versatile and simple to use, making it a great solution for communications needs in several applications. This headset is plug and play and does not require any type of programming and will work right out of the box. 


  • Up to 8 users intercom (unlimited amount of listen-only headsets) 
  • Full Duplex (multiple people can talk at one time) 
  • 8 talk group channels 
  • Ability to integrate portable radio into the headset allowing the user to simultaneously communicate over the portable radio intercom. 
  • Range up to 1500 feet line of sight. 
  • Premium dual-speaker headset with a noise reduction rating of 23db. 
  • 15-hour battery life  
  • Instant-on advanced motion sensor technology is built into the headset. The headset shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity and will automatically turn back on if the user picks up the headset. 
  • No installation of base station required. Just turn on the headset and start talking. 
  • Carrying case available 

Recommended for: 

  • Airport tarmac 
  • Crane Communications 
  • Train/railroad 
  • Construction sites 
  • Utility line pulling 
  • Aerial lifts/bucket trucks 
  • Tree trimming 
  • Command vehicles 

Wireless Frequency Range

Up to 1500 feet/Max 100 meters

Frequency Range (North America/Rest Of World)

902-928 Mhz/863-865 Mhz

Max Transit Power (North America/Rest Of World)

620mW EIRP/10mW EIRP

Communication Mode

Full Duplex

Channels/Talk Groups


Number of Users Per Channel


Synch Pairing Requirements


Start Up Time

Under 3 Seconds

Wireless headset Features


Heavy Duty Durable Design

To extend life in demanding environments

Instant On

Headsets senses movement and automatically turns on

Auto Off

Headset turns off automatically after 15 minutes of rest

Headset Style

Behind the head

Base Station Required


Mobile Radio Communication

Communicate wirelessly with mobile radio using a cable (sold separately)

Portable Radio Communication

Communicate wirelessly with mobile radio using a cable (sold separately)

Noise Reduction Rating

23db Noise Reduction Rating

Battery Life

Up to 15 hours

Charge Time

4 hours after from discharge state

Battery Type

Lithium Polymer

Versatile Charging

The headset will operate while plugged into power without interruption

Portable Radio Compatibility

Varies contact First Source Wireless Staff For More Details



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