3M PELTOR CH-3 Neckband (Requires PTT Adapter) MT74H52B-110

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  • Protective communication solution for hands-free, clear communication in noisy environments
  • FLX2 connection jack for easy and reliable connection to a wide assortment of handheld devices
  • Lasting comfort for long-duration wear times
  • Designed to withstand harsh environmental elements
  • Water and dust-proof noise-canceling microphone (IP68) for clear speech transmission in noisy and harsh environments
  • Audio speakers are optimized for speech frequencies and meet the efficiency demands of many of today's digital devices
  • Bright yellow color for enhanced visibility
  • Flexible yet sturdy neckband design adapts to a wide variety of head shapes and sizes and can be worn with most hard hats

The 3M™ PELTOR™ CH-3 Headset is a next-generation protective communication solution that helps workers stay protected in noisy environments while enabling clear communication on their handheld devices. Incorporating the newly designed FLX2 connection jack, the CH-3 headset can be easily and reliably connected to a wide assortment of handheld devices.

The 3M™ PELTOR™ CH-3 Headset with the FLX2 cable platform is adaptable to a wide assortment of handheld devices and is designed to help provide hearing protection and clear communication in noisy environments. The noise-canceling boom microphone is optimized to clearly transmit the user's voice in high noise areas and is dust and waterproof (IP68). The CH-3 speaker system is optimized for speech frequencies and meets the efficiency demands of many of today's digital devices. The flexible yet sturdy headband design adapts to a wide variety of head shapes and provides lasting comfort for long-duration wear times. The modern earcup design helps the hearing protector withstand harsh environmental elements while the bright yellow color enhances visibility. All critical parts are rigorously tested and are readily changeable without any special tooling.

UPC Code:  040545966956033M Catalog #:  MT74H52B-1103M Stock#:  7100203636Previous 3M Stock #:  UU010246914

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