Full Face and 3/4 Helmet Kit for Mobile Only Radios, Wireless Speaker Microphone, & Push to Talk Cable Kit

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SetcomSKU: WV-KA-24IM-1

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The kit is for mobile only radios and portable radios with public address interference for full face and 3/4 helmets.

This Kit includes everything you need to improve your motorcycle communications and overall safety.

What is included with our Motorclyle Communications Kit
  • 1 Full Face and 3/4 Helmet Kit for Mobile Only Radios | Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

  • 1 Wireless Mobile Only Speaker Mic for a Motorcycle 

  • 1 Wireless push to talk cable kit on handlebars

Product Features: 
  • Speakers are specifically designed for radio traffic in the voice frequency range and are loud enough to be heard on a police motorcycle without distortion, even at highway speeds.
  • Noise-canceling microphones dramatically reduce background noise, even in the most challenging environments.
  • Microphone levels (amplified for mobile radio configurations and electret for portable radio configurations) provide a superior signal-to-noise ratio and clear voice transmission.
  • Tight microphone output tolerances (+/- 2 decibels) create a simpler, cleaner installation, with no preamps to adjust. Tight tolerances also ensure consistent performance from helmet kit to helmet kit.
  • A 6.3mm flexible boom-constructed using two counter-wound beryllium-alloy springs-resists work-hardening and fatigue.
  • The microphone is injection molded onto the flexible boom using a polyolefin resin making it waterproof and extremely reliable, even in severe climates.
  • Setcom helmet kits are compatible with most police motorcycle helmets including Bell, Super Seer, Shoei, Nolan, and HJ

Speaker Mic Features

The most recent advance in police motorcycle communications, Setcom's Liberator Wireless system eliminates the cable between the officer and the motorcycle, providing maximum flexibility, freedom of movement, and reliable communications.

  • Rugged Enclosure - Newly redesigned waterproof enclosure is ready for the elements and rigors of motorcycle policing.
  • No pairing - The Liberator automatically establishes a wireless link when an officer presses the push-to-talk button on the motorcycle. There is no need to "sync" or "pair" the system to the motorcycle.
  • No batteries - The Liberator's efficient