The Silynx Clarus Pro and 3M Peltor ComTac V are popular tactical headsets used by military members that provide both hearing protection and clear communication. These two headsets are different in style but provide advanced technology such as environmental listening and PTT capabilities. Tactical headsets are important to military and law enforcement because it provides them with the proper hearing protection without compromising communication.

Silynx Clarus Pro Headset3M Peltor Comtac V Dual Comm Headset

Let’s explain the key differences between the Clarus Pro and the ComTac V headset. We’ll compare each headset on aspects of

  • Price
  • Battery Life
  • Design
  • Features
  • Compatibility


The Silynx Clarus headset price varies with the type of headset you purchase. The single comm headset goes for around USD 940 while the dual comm headset goes for around USD 1255.

Similar to the Clarus, the ComTac headset also vary in price depending on the type of comms you choose. Found on First Source Wireless, the hearing defender with no comms cost around USD 444. The single comms headset goes for around USD 689 and the dual comms for around USD 779.

Battery Life

The battery life is important in any headset especially while in tactical situations. Each headset differs in the battery life expectancy before the batteries must be replaced. Both headsets run on AAA batteries, the Clarus headset can also be powered by the two-way radio.

The Clarus headset runs for around 100 hours on a single AAA battery while the ComTac headset runs for around 150 hours.


Front and Back of Silynx Clarus Pro Control Box Diagram

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The design of the Clarus Pro is different than how you would expect to see as a headset. It is a small and lightweight design. The headset features a control box and an in-ear headset. The control box, shown in the figure below, has two PTTs on each side with volume control to increase and decrease the sound found on the bottom of the control box. The control box also stores the battery in a sealed waterproof battery compartment and is easily changeable.

The Clarus is an in-ear headset that rests directly in the listener's ear. This allows the user to have full situational awareness. Aside from a typical headset, like the ComTac, the in-ear headset doesn’t interfere with helmets and glasses and is not bulky.

Silynx Clarus Pro

The ComTac V headset offers a neckband and headband design with a more modern rubberized band. It also allows for connection to helmets through an ARC rail attachment. The dual muffs produce a natural and clear sound. The earmuffs provide additional replaceable ear gels for comfort. The ComTac also comes with the ability for double hearing protection with volume boost when using earplugs in addition to the headset.

The Comtac V headset comes in 3 different colors; coyote brown, O.D green, and black. The black color is known as the Swat-Tac V headset that contains the same design and features but is primarily used by law enforcement SWAT personnel.

The Clarus Pro III headset and control box come in 2 different colors: tan and black.


You can find similarities in the technology and features in both these headsets. Each headset is equipped with different modes of hearing that can be changed in certain noise levels. The Clarus Pro III uses “Hear-Thru” technology that controls how much environmental noise gets transmitted to your ear. The feature is great to use when you need to be aware of your surroundings. This technology also offers improved situational awareness that gives you the same perception you would have with your unprotected ear.

The ComTac headset also has this feature of situational awareness and talk through. The ComTac V headset’s talk through feature allows for face-to-face communication without the need to remove the headset. The headset utilizes Balance Mode that adjusts the environmental listening function and gives a balance between the left and right speakers so you can prioritize audio.

Headsets must have proper noise reduction ratings to protect your hearing in high noise environments. The NRR in the Silynx Clarus Pro is 25 decibels. The use of memory foam ear tips on the headset protects against noise and provide proper protection.

The NRR rating in the ComTac V headset is around 20-23 db. This is tested in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974 which is the current testing requirements by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This range in NRR is dependent upon the band and ear cushion.

The MT33 boom microphone in the ComTac V has greatly improved audio transmits in noisy environments. This boom microphone provides 18db of noise cancelation.

Some other features of the Clarus Pro include

  • Bluetooth Wireless PTT
  • Passive and Steady-state noise control
  • Fully submersible (1 meter for 30 minutes)
  • Simplicity with plug and play.

Feature of the ComTac V headset also includes

  • Equalizer function for steady-state noise (vehicles and airborne platforms). Helps improve the signal to noise ratio in the earcups.
  • Release time adjusts time before the limiter opens after activation. This is suitable for indoor firearm training.
  • New speakers and microphones


For the final comparison, we will explore the compatibility. The Clarus Pro II is compatible with tactical radios including Motorola APX, XPR, and MTS, smart phones, and intercom systems in the single comm and dual comm variations.

The ComTac V headset is compatible with two-way radios and intercoms. These PTT adapters are designed to fit in your hand and can be used with gloves. The ComTac V utilizes a U-174 plug that connects into an existing PTT radio adapter. The FL4040-02 adapter works with a 6 PIN MIL-C-55116 and the FL4063-02 works with the Motorola APX series radios.


The type of headset that best fits your needs is dependent upon the design and style of the headset you are looking for. The Clarus Pro is a smaller ear bud style headset where as the ComTac is a bigger more standard style headset. Both headsets have some of the same features such as hearing protection in loud environments, situational awareness, and PTT capabilities.

First Source Wireless is your source for two-way radios and communication headsets. We offer popular 3M Peltor ComTac V and IV headsets. Shop now for our latest tactical headsets that improve your hearing today. Contact us today and learn more about our communication accessories.

TAYLOR THOMAS is a Marketing Manager at First Source Wireless. With her experience in critical communications, she helped public safety professionals enhance their communication through the help of two-way radios and headsets.

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