3M Peltor WS litecom Pro 3 Headset

Bluetooth Operation Guide for 3M Peltor WS LiteCom Pro III Headset

The 3M Peltor LiteCom Pro III utilizes Bluetooth Multipoint Technology, allowing the headset to pair with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The headset prioritizes & coordinates activities from each connected device, which gives the user flexibility to switch between phone calls, 2-way radio communications, or music with ease.

Pairing Instructions:

  1. After powering on the headset, locate the Bluetooth button on the left cup and press it to enter Bluetooth pairing mode when no device is currently paired. You’ll hear a voice message confirming “Bluetooth pairing on”
  2. Make sure your device has Bluetooth enabled, and scan for devices. Select “WS LiteCom Pro III Headset”. A voice message will notify you when pairing is complete.
  3. In order to pair a second device, press the on/off/mode button to enter the menu. Use that button to navigate the menu, and a voice will notify you to confirm the setting, “Bluetooth Pairing”. Press the “+” button to enter pairing mode, use the “-“ button to exit pairing mode.
  4. Follow instructions in step 2 to pair the second device.


  • By default, the radio VOX functionality is disabled when taking a phone call via a Bluetooth connection. Once the call has ended, VOX will automatically switch back on
  • To transmit on the two-way radio during a phone call, press the Push to Talk (PTT) button
  • If the PTT button is pressed during a phone call, your voice will only transmit through the two-way radio & not to the phone call
  • To activate VOX during a phone call, double press the PTT button. Your voice will then be transmitted to both the two-way radio and the phone call

Operating your Bluetooth device via the headset:

Bluetooth Scenario Action (BT button on left cup) Feature
BT device is connected but no activity Long Press Voice Dial
BT device is connected & receiving an incoming call Short Press Answer Call
Long Press Reject Call
BT device is connected & has ongoing call Long Press Hang up
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