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It can be prevented!

Recently, there has been an increasing concern for hearing loss: especially within the military for our veterans. The Hearing Health Foundation Veteran Statistics show that hearing loss is one of the two leading health conditions among military veterans at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

In 2016, there were 1.1 million compensation receipts for a hearing loss disability. With proper fitting and consistency in wearing the hearing protective devices, hearing loss is very preventable. Military soldiers typically experience hearing loss after exposure to loud noises, such as working in an airplane hangar or the noise of an explosion.

With today’s increasingly advanced technology, soldiers and workers no longer have to choose between protecting their ears and saving their lives.

In January 2017, 3M introduced a similar hearing protection headset for hunters and shooters that simultaneously measures and cancels out specific gun noises while amplifying voices and phone conversations.

The hearing and safety businesses are part of 3M’s  $5.7 billion spent within the safety and graphics effort, which is the second-largest of the five 3M businesses.

3M Peltor headsets provide communication and hearing protection for use in hazardous, high noise environments. 3M has made significant investments developing the highest quality hearing protection products:

  •   Lite Com two-way radio headsets
  •   Listen two-way portable radio headsets
  •   Listen only headsets
  •   A range of accessories and replacement parts

In addition to these products, the 3M COMTAC headsets have become very popular among US Military Special Forces. The 3M Peltor Headset Kit includes:

  • Gel cushions, PTT adapter, camo bag & batteries - coyote brown, single COMM
  • Level dependent surround sound “talk-thru” function
  • Ambidextrous noise-canceling boom microphone
  • Compatible with ACH, MICH helmets

Here is how we can help:  First Source Wireless carries a large inventory of 3M Peltor Hearing protection products, to be able to deliver reliable and durable products to serve the sole purpose of preventing hearing loss. Some of our recent customers have been with the secret service, Special Forces, and the Customs Border Protection. With nearly a dozen 3M-headset options to choose from, let’s take a look at the various

Select a 3M headset below to prevent hearing loss:

One of our customer favorites is the 3M Peltor Comtac Tactical & Military Headset for the following reasons:

  • Incredible hearing protection
  • Tactical radio communications
  • Environmental Listening
  • Engineered to prevent cross-talk in Dual Comm Configurations
  • Gel ear cushioned for improved comfort

You can find the headset here

With the advancement of technology, there is no reason for an increase in the number of veterans suffering from hearing loss. Let’s put a halt to the hearing loss epidemic! Call our knowledgeable staff to determine the best solution for your hearing protection, and communication needs at 800-991-4569.

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Nick Hohman is the Vice President of First Source Wireless. With his experience, he has helped industrial and manufacturing industries protect their hearing with proper headsets. Nick has attended multiple communication conferences including IWCE, APCO, and IACP.

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