The 3M Worktunes is the perfect headset for landscapers and manufacturing facilities delivering music and phone calls, making the workday a little more enjoyable.

Whether you’re having trouble connecting Worktunes  to Bluetooth or learning more about your headset, here are some commonly asked questions and answers to the 3M Peltor Worktunes digital hearing protector headset.


  • Are 3M Worktunes OSHA Approved?
  • Is 3M Worktunes good for shooting?
  • How do I make my 3M Worktunes discoverable and connect to my iPhone?
  • How do I charge my headset? Battery Life?
  • How do I make my headset discoverable and connect to my iPhone?
  • How do I charge the headset?
  • What is the NRR Rating of the 3M Worktunes?
  • How to use the AM FM Selector?
  • How do you use the Worktunes Bass Boost feature?
  • How should I properly wear this headset?
  • Is this headset waterproof?
  • Can I listen to the radio on the Worktunes?
  • Can I listen to the radio and Bluetooth at the same time?
  • How long is the 3M warranty?
  • Where Can I Find the Worktunes Wireless Manual?
  • How do I Troubleshoot and Reset My Headset?
  • How do I answer a call?


Are 3M Worktunes OSHA approved?

This headset meets ANSI S3.19 – 1974 and will provide an NRR of 25. Worktunes is equipped with a decibel limiter the reduces sound exposure to the ear to 82 decibels to protect your hearing. Music and other features are listened to at a safe sound level.

Are 3M Worktunes Good for Shooting?

While the headset can be used for shooting, it was originally designed for landscapers, mowing, and entertainment purposes. The 3M Worktunes hearing protector is lightweight and comfortable. Other options from 3M for shooting are the Litecom, CH-3, and Comtac headsets.

How Do I Make My 3M Worktunes Discoverable and Connect to My iPhone?

  • Turn on your worktunes headset, press the control button found on the left ear cup two times. Voice assistant will let you know once you are in Bluetooth pairing mode.
    Bluetooth Pairing Button Worktunes
  • Once in Bluetooth pairing mode, your phone Bluetooth list should display Worktunes Connect. Tap that name when displayed.
Iphone Bluetooth Device List
iPhone Bluetooth List
Android Bluetooth Device List
Android Bluetooth List


  • Voice Assistant will say "Bluetooth Connected" when successful and you're ready to use!

Bluetooth range is about 25 feet but can vary depending on device.

Note: 5 minutes after the Bluetooth or audio input is disconnected, the hearing protector will automatically power down. To turn back on, hold ON/OFF button for 3 seconds.

How do I Charge 3M Worktunes? What's the Battery Life?

Worktunes can be charged with a micro-USB connector cable. The port can be found on the bottom of the right cup. The LED light will blick blue while charging and a solid blue when complete. 3M claims you can expect a battery life of around 8 hours and the charge will hold well.

This headset can also use 2 AA batteries or a Li-Ion rechargeable battery (sold separately). Never replace batteries while the headset is powered on.

Voice assistant will let you know how much battery your headset has left by saying "Battery High" "Battery Medium" "Battery Low" and "Battery Empty" 

The low battery warning will sound every 20 minutes when battery voltage is low. Battery empty will shut the headset off, charge at this time.


What is the NRR of 3M Worktunes?

The NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) for the 3M Worktunes headset is 24.

How to Use the AM/FM Selector Button?

  1. Press the AM/FM Button
  2. Release the AM/FM Button to select the AM
  3. Press the AM/FM Button again to select the FM

How do you use Worktunes Bass Boost?

Press and hold the AM/FM Button until you hear “Bass Boost 2”

Press and hold the AM/FM Button until you hear “Bass Boost OFF”

Press and hold the AM/FM Button again until you hear “Bass Boost 1”

How to Properly Wear Worktunes Headset?

  • Ensure your headset band rests on the top (crown) of your head
  • Make sure the ear cups are fit snug and are fully enclosed over your ears.
  • Move anything away that interferes with ear cushion seals, like hair and eyewear.


Is the Worktunes headset waterproof?

No this is not considered waterproof due to its plastic design. This headset is proven to work under normal conditions with minimal interaction with water.

We do not suggest using in a pool but for use around a hose or pressure washer should be ok. Dry off excess water when done.

Can I listen to the AM FM radio and Bluetooth at the same time?

No, the Bluetooth function and radio function are separate and cannot be used at the same time.

How long is the 3M headset warranty?

One year from purchase of headset.

Where can I find the Worktunes Manual?

Here is the Worktunes manual. This manual also shows you how to work the headset.

How do I troubleshoot and reset my 3M Worktunes?

  1. Powered off your 3M Worktunes headset
  2. Long press the control button for 10 seconds. Do not release. You will hear Voice Assistant say “Power On, Battery High, Busy Tone, Power off”
  3. You can now release the control button.
  4. You’re Worktunes Connect is now reset.

How do I answer Phone Calls on the Worktunes Headset?

To answer a call, press the control button once. To reject a call, press and hold the control button. To end the call, press the control button once.


Hopefully, this has helped answer some of your questions involving the 3M Peltor Worktunes headset. Bookmark and save this article to come back for more troubleshooting with your headset.

Have any further questions on this headset that we did not cover? Comment below and we will respond with the best answer.


First Source Wireless is a dealer of 3M Peltor communication headsets and accessories, delivering the 3M Worktunes Headset. Since 2003, First Source Wireless provides optimal wireless solutions to public safety and law enforcement worldwide. Contact us today if you’re interested in purchasing any 3M Peltor headsets.


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Jordann Moody

Jordann Moody

My head set is a month out of warranty and now the music is very quiet and only playing from one side. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

First Source Wireless

First Source Wireless

Is the headset still powering on you’re just not hearing any sound coming from the headset after you reset it like when the voice assistant saying its commands? Have you tried to charge the headset with the USB charger/port? Those would be my first recommendation to trying to fix this headset. Sorry you are experiencing this! If its still under warranty, maybe give 3M a call to see if they have any further troubleshooting steps.

Mick Warren

Mick Warren

Fearing that I may have wrecked my 3M WorkTunes by replacing batteries without having power turned off, I’ve purchased a second unit. Fresh batteries are installed (with power off), but cannot get any sound of any kind. What’s going on? Tried to reset using your instructions from above & still nothing.

I’ve owned older models of these and they always worked great. This current model, not so much.

First Source Wirless

First Source Wirless

Jeffery, the volume on the worktunes headset is controlled by your device (phone) like you had mentioned. Since this is technically a hearing protection headset, 3M mentioned to prevent harmful noise levels, the hearing protector audio level is limited to 82 dB(A) when connected to a Personal Music Player (PMP). If the hearing protector is connected to a PMP or other device with a very high output level, it is the user’s responsibility to set the audio input level to a safe level. The maximum permitted audio input level for 8 hours of usage time, compressed speech and music is 2.12 V.



I was wondering if there was volume control on this headset. Right now I can barely hear it although phone volume is high. ?

Dennis Gauntt

Dennis Gauntt

After charging my headphones the blue light stays lit all the time likes it’s fully charged, but when I push and hold the power button to turn on nothing happens. Tried 10 sec. to reset and still nothing.

Filipe Marques

Filipe Marques

I’ve got the same issue as Philip Wilson. Suddenly doesn’t charge anymore. Warranty has expired. Before was working perfectly. Idk what to do.

First Source Wireless

First Source Wireless

Philip Wilson, If your headset is still under warranty, try contacting where you purchased the headset from or 3M to see about steps on getting the headset replaced. If it is not in warranty, I would see if their technical department could help you with any solution they might have. You can also check to see any obstruction in the charging port or battery port. Hope you get this resolved soon.

Philip Wilson

Philip Wilson

My headphones don’t seem to charge anymore. I’ve tried multiple cables and charge blocks and verified they work with other products but I can’t get the battery to charge. In looking at reviews it looks like this is a common problem. Is there any fix for this?

First Source Wireless

First Source Wireless

Richard, I would try to remove/unadd the Bluetooth connection from your phone, put the headset in pairing mode again, and see if you are able to connect that way. If that does not work, maybe reset your headset. I’m not sure this will 100% work and it’s not guaranteed but it may be worth a try. Best of luck.

Richard Linder

Richard Linder

My work tune head phones worked great till now. The blue tooth won’t come on and my ph can’t pick it up. Is it something I have done? What can I do to use them again?

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