Pulse Larsen NMO34BCO Low/ Mid Band 34-40 Mhz Base Coil Only, Whip Sold Separately

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NMO34BCO Low band 34-40 MHz Base Coil. Whip Sold Separately.

Type: Loaded 1/4 λ

Frequency: 34-40 MHz

Gain:  N/A

Max Height: 4 Inches

Power rating: 150 Watts

Whip Color: Coil Only

Coil Color: Black

Cable Assembly/Mount: Order Separately*

* The most commonly used cable assembly/mount is the NMOKHFUD (27 MHz to 6 GHz) with 17’ of UD (RG-58/U Dual Shield).


Manufacturer Part Number NMO34BCO
Manufacturer Pulse
Antenna Category Low Band (0-132 MHz)
Working Frequency 34-40 MHz
Bands Single
OK for Outdoor Use Yes
Vehicular Yes
Ground Plane Required No
Product Condition



Download Larsen Pulse Low Mid Band NMO Specifications here

Download Pulse Larsen Antenna, NMO Mount, & Connector Compatibility Guide 

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