3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac™ IV Hybrid Communication Headset Single Comm Kit 88403-00000, Coyote Brown 1 Kit EA/Case

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Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer 3M corporation and has been replaced by the 3M Peltor Comtac VI

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3M Peltor ComTac IV Hybrid Communication Headset Single Comm Kit 88403-00000

Kit Includes: Comtac IV Single Com Headset, Gel Ear Seals, Push to Talk Adapter, Carrying Case and batteries.

The ComTac IV Hybrid Communications headset has all the features and functionality of the ComTac III with unique, in-ear hearing protection instead of bulky ear cups. The headband stabilizes the headset, preventing the ear plugs from slipping. The ComTac IV offers clear 2-way communications and a stereo "talk thru" feature that allows soldiers to maintain awareness while wearing superior hearing protection. The noise-cancelling boom microphone is ambidextrous, so you can mount it on the right or left side of the headset. The ComTac IV is compatible with previous versions of Push-to-Talk (PTT) adaptors for 2-way communications.
Note: This is a made-to-order item.

  • Hybrid in-ear design
  • Single Com headset
  • Ambidextrous boom mic
  • Stereo "talk thru" feature
  • Level-dependent surround sound
  • NRR 21 dB
  • Runs on 2 - AAA batteries (500+ hours)


    • Brand: 3M Peltor
    • Style: 3M Peltor ComTac IV Hybrid Communication Headset Single Comm Kit 88403-00000
    • Battery Type‎: Rechargable or Disposble‎
    • Hearing Protection Type: Headband‎
    • Product Series‎: MT Series‎
    • Product Type: Headset‎
    • Recommended Industry: Military Tactical‎
    • Hybrid approach addresses customer demand for in-ear hearing protection while retaining the advantage of the COMTAC III over-the-ear style
    • Headband mechanically stabilizes the headset to relieve issues of earplugs dislodging due to cable snags and body movement
    • Electronics are contained completely inside the headset housing, eliminating the need for a large, heavy radio control push-to-talk
    • Headsets are interchangeable with previous versions of COMTAC and backwards compatible with pre-existing PTT adapters
    • Same operation as current Peltor COMTAC Headsets – no additional training required
    • No software loads or outside power required; complete self-contained headset with Rx/Tx fail safe


      • MIL STD 461E, Department of Defense Interface Standard, Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment
      • CS114, RE101, RE-102-4, RS101, and RS103 requirements


      • Level-Dependant Functionality, commonly referred to as “talk thru,” is a means of allowing safe audio sounds to bypass the individual hearing protection while still protecting against harmful noises. This is accomplished with a proprietary digital audio circuit integrated into the headset. A microphone receives the sounds outside the headset and transmits them to a speaker inside the headset. The Level-Dependant digital audio circuit senses noise levels above the desired threshhold and compresses them to a safe decibel level or amplifies weak sounds to an audible level.

Compression vs. Clipping

      • 3M has incorporated compression technology to remove the “clipping” effect heard in common talk-thru systems. “Clipping” can result in missing the first syllable of important commands. This technology resolves that issue and dramatically improves speech intelligibility.

Fail Safe

      • COMTAC external communication (i.e. radio or intercom) and “talk thru” are completely independent of one another. In the unlikely event of electronic failure or battery depletion, external communications will continue to function.


    • MIL STD 810F, Department of Defense Test Method Standard
Download the Comtac III User Manual here.


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