3M PELTOR PTT Adapter, FL5218-FM, Motorola MTX, FM Approved

3MSKU: FL5218-FM

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3M  PELTOR™ FL5000 Series Push-to-Talk (PTT) Radio Adapters allow 3M™ PELTOR™ MT Series Headsets to be used with a variety of industrial two-way radios. These radio Adapters have been designed to be intrinsically safe for use in environments where flammable gases may be present.

3M™ PELTOR™ FL5000 Series Push-to-Talk (PTT) Radio Adapters enable 3M PELTOR MT Series Headsets to be used with industrial 2-way portable radios. Using this Adapter in combination with the headset offers a dual benefit of mitigating loud sounds that could be harmful to hearing while allowing workers to communicate with one another. The 2-way radio allows workers to discuss projects, give on-the-job instructions and verbally warn co-workers about safety hazards. Intrinsically Safe The intrinsically safe design of this Adapter allows for use in environments where flammable gases may be present. Industries such as oil/gas and chemical are examples. According to the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA), intrinsically safe is defined as "equipment and wiring which is incapable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal conditions to cause ignition of a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture in its most easily ignited concentration." Convenience Features 3M™ PELTOR™ Push-to-Talk Radio Adapters are designed for use with either the right or left hand. A clip on the backside can be rotated 360°. The adapter may be either belt or shoulder-mounted based on each worker's preference. The accessory comes with a curly cable download with a radio specific connector.

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Chemicals Oil & Gas

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Certified Intrinsically Safe Factory Mutual IP65

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Intrinsically Safe


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PTT Adapter

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Alan, Motorola

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