Tow truck drivers are communicating with not only their entire fleet but individual drivers as well. Towing companies work in hazardous conditions in any kind of weather and on busy roadways responding to disabled vehicles, repositions, rescues, and more. Communication in the towing industry is the key to responding to situations quickly and safely.

Solutions like wireless intercom headset system keep everyone connected while on the scene and keep everyone on the same page.

Here are 5 ways headsets help improve tow truck driver’s and response team's communication.

  1. Talk no matter where you are
  2. Respond quicker
  3. Talk at the same time
  4. Protection from loud noise
  5. Clear voice

1. Talk without being side by side

At large accidents or heavy recovery, there can be several people responding to the scene. Headsets let you talk to everyone at once, no matter where they are. This eliminates any delay of people trying to find crew members and keeps everyone on the same page. Many headsets have a good line-of-sight distance, letting you talk without being next to the person.

2. Faster response time

We all know a fast response time is critical in emergencies like an overturned truck or vehicle on the highway. Having the whole team wearing headsets, ensures people know exactly what they need to be doing to resolve the situation faster.

This also helps keep everyone safe if an emergency arises fast, they’ll know right away.

3. Talk at the same time

Most communication headsets, like the LiberatorMAX, are full duplex. Full-duplex radio headsets means voice traffic can flow easily and freely, just like a normal in-person conversation. In other terms, this means you won’t have to wait until the other person is done letting you talk in real-time. This is a great feature to have when working in teams.

4. Protects from loud noise

Emergency scenes can be damaging to your hearing. With loud vehicles and equipment, proper hearing protection should be worn. Communication headsets can protect against loud noise with a high noise reduction rating (.NRR)

5. Clear Voice

We know there’s no time for mistakes. Communication headsets make your voice transmission clear, leaving no room for misinterpretation. This is good to have in loud noise environments to allow everyone to hear clearly.


When looking for team communication headsets, you’ll want to look for a headset with a good line of sight distance, full duplex to talk freely, long battery life for long shifts, and situational awareness to know what’s going on around you. Good communication headsets can range from a couple of hundred dollars to close to a thousand dollars. Remember, investing in a good headset will help you improve communication and safety making your team perform at its best.


Wireless Communication Solutions for Towing

Team Communications System Headset

This headset found on First Source Wireless is designed for team communication making it perfect for towing companies. This full-duplex headset is plug-and-play simplicity, connecting you to your team right out of the box, with no programming. Connect up to 8 users per channel with an unlimited number of listen-only users.

This headset is dual muff and behind the head so you’re able to wear it comfortably and with helmets if needed.

Lastly, if your team uses two-way radios (portable or mobile), this headset can connect to it with a cable (sold separately).

Below are some additional features that are important to know about the headsets noise reduction rating, line of sight distance, and battery life.

Noise Reduction Rating

23 dB

Line of Sight

1500 Feet

Battery Life

15 hours. Shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity.


How We Can Help

First Source Wireless is dedicated to providing communication products like headsets, antennas, two-way radios, and more. Are you interested in learning more about our Team Communications System Headset and how you can get one? Shop now or give us a call at 800-991-4569 to discuss more.

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TAYLOR THOMAS is a Marketing Manager at First Source Wireless. With her experience in critical communications, she helped public safety professionals enhance their communication through the help of two-way radios and headsets.

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