The Ops Core FAST SF Helmet Cover is easy to put on and only takes a few minutes, without any tools. Helmet covers change the appearance of your helmet to help it blend in with different environments. The helmet cover is compatible with both Ballistic and Non-Ballistic helmets.

  1. Apply hook coins
  2. Align front cover
  3. Attach velcro tabs
  4. Align tops, sides, and rear
  5. Attach rear velcro tabs

1. Apply Hook Coins (Pre-Installation)

Included with your Helmet Cover are 4 Velcro hook coins. Peal and stick a hook coin to each rear corner of the helmet shells interior, next to the rear chinstrap anchors.

2. Align Front Cover

Align the front of the helmet cover to the front of the helmet. Make sure the helmet covers shroud opening is centered around the helmet shroud and the edge of the cover is flush with the front edge of the helmets shell.

3. Attach Velcro Tabs

Detach or lift up the helmet front comfort pad from the vented lux liner, pull the helmet cover front fastener tab over the front edge of the helmet and Velcro it to the front hook coins.

4. Align Tops, Sides, and Rear

    Pull the helmet cover over the top of the helmet and work your way towards the back. Make sure the side edge of the helmet cover is aligned with the Skeleton ARC’s (not overlapping). If you are using this on a ballistic helmet it may take some time and force to get the cover into place. Now, the cover should be flush and centered on the shell. Remove any excess bunching or folds in the fabric.

    5. Attach Rear Velcro Tabs

      Pull the helmet covers rear fastener tabs tightly over the back edge of the shell and Velcro on the remaining back hook coins.


      Now, your FAST SF Helmet Cover is properly installed. Nice job! Do a final inspection making sure the fastener tabs are tightly secure to the hook coins and the cover isn’t covering the shroud (on front of helmet) or Skeleton Arcs (side of helmet).

      TAYLOR THOMAS is a Marketing Manager at First Source Wireless. With her experience in critical communications, she helped public safety professionals enhance their communication through the help of two-way radios and headsets.

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