Cradlepoint’s IBR900 and IBR1700 are highly rated routers with unique features that make them great tools for a variety of industries. From construction sites to police vehicles, the Cradlepoint routers can get you and your team connected. Read this article to learn about the features of each to determine which 4G LTE router is right for you and make your purchase!


The IBR1700 is a strong router primarily built for those working out of vehicles. Although it is built for vehicle use, it still comes with a multitude of features. For instance, the IBR1700 has outstanding security. It boasts a built in firewall and an intrusion detection system or IDS. This top-notch security is important for industries that are looking for privacy on their network.

In addition to great security, the IBR1700 is also capable of supporting 30 or more devices or people connected. With that many devices connected, this Cradlepoint router still operates with a 1.2 GBps (gigabits per second) transfer rate. 1.2 GBps means your network will run quickly making communication and your work efficient.

  • Antenna: External and detachable
  • Chassis: beidou, galileo, GPS, GLONASS
  • Modem: Wireless with a 1.2 GBps transfer rate
  • Capacity: Recommend 30 people
  • Security: Built in firewall, Intrustion Detection System (IDS),
  • Dimensions and Weight: 8.8 x 7.5 x 1.7 and 3.75 pounds
  • Service and Support: Technical support, phone consulting, web support (all 3 years), limited warranty for a lifetime

Cradlepoint IBR1700 router


The IBR900 is an optimal router for industries that need network connection on the go. This cellular router is built for mobile use making it a useful tool for industries like law enforcement, various first responders, delivery workers, and more.

As it is a 4G LTE router that is built for vehicles, the IBR900 does not require an antenna and can be locally installed while being used in a car. Moreover, it is a small size ensuring that it will not impede on too much space inside the vehicle. When being used outside of a vehicle connection, it will require additional accessories discussed below.

The IBR900 also comes with significant security. It features a firewall and security filters; they will filter MAC addresses, IP, content, and websites. With in depth security measures, the IBR900 is a great cellular router for industries, like the police force, that are looking for secure networks.

  • Antenna: No antenna necessary
  • Chassis: Locally installed
  • Modem: 1 GBps
  • Capacity: (Can’t find this info)
  • Security: Filtering (MAC address, IP, Content, Website), firewall
  • Dimensions and Weight: 4.6 x 4.5 x 1.2 and 14oz
  • Service and Support: Same as IBR1700

Cradlepoint IBR900 router

Both the IBR1700 and IBR900 routers come with GREAT service and support. Both routers come with a limited warranty for a lifetime. Technical support such as phone consulting or web support come with your router for the length of the Netcloud subscription you purchase.


Netcloud is the subscription service Cradlepoint runs with their cellular routers. When you purchase a router, you also purchase a subscription to Netcloud, a private network. This subscription can be renewed without purchasing a new Cradlepoint router when the original subscription has ended.

A private network is more secure than a public version and can provide less interruptions creating a secure and efficient work environment.

Router Accessories:

The Cradlepoint routers tend to come with almost everything a person needs; however, sometimes there are accessoriesyou may find as beneficial for the manner you want to use your router.

Both the IBR900 and IBR1700 require accessories if they are being used outside of a vehicle.

Cradlepoint router antenna


The IBR1700 requires a power supply, line cord, 4 cellular antennas, and 2 WiFi antennas per router, if the router is being used without a vehicle.

  • Power supply
  • Line cord
  • Cellular antenna
  • WiFi antenna


When being used outside of a vehicle, the IBR900 requires a power supply, 2 cellular antennas, and 2 WiFi antennas.

  • Power supply
  • Cellular antenna
  • WiFi antenna

All accessories listed above are also sold by First Source Wireless.

Follow the link HERE to find what you need.


Both routers are optimal systems for those working in vehicles (public safety, first responders, delivery workers, etc), or those working from temporary sites like construction crews or event planners.

Choosing which one is best for you depends on where your priorities lie: do you want your router to be smaller, are you looking for something that can support many devices, or are you looking for a router that can filter IP addresses? Both routers are great options; we hope this article gave you the information you need to make a choice between the two.

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