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A trusted leader and provider of wireless communications products and services for more than 13 years.

First Source Wireless mission is to provide optimal wireless solutions and products to law enforcement professionals and commercial customers, who depend on reliable communications. Since 2003, we have strategically partnered with proven industry leaders from the critical communications community to assist our customers in accomplishing their goals.

Featured Products

Save $108.25
Harris XG-100 Two-Wire Surveillance KitHarris XG-100 Two-Wire Surveillance Kit
Save $15.49
Motorola RLN4941A EarpieceMotorola RLN4941A Earpiece
Harris XG-75 Multimode Portable Radio
Save $200
ARC rail attachment in use on hardhatEarmuff for 3M Peltor headset
Save $32.39
Larsen GPSDM700/5800SSS
Save $28.19
Larsen GPSDM700/2500FFS GPS/Cellular/PCS/Wifi Mobile Antenna
Save $284
88064-00000 3M Peltor Dual Comm ComTac III w/Split Audio and Single Downlead ACH/MICH Helmet
Save $29.74
Motorola ZMN6022A 2 Wire surveillance kit  for use with Motorola  XTS3000 Portable Radio.Motorola ZMN6022A 2 Wire surveillance kit  for use with Motorola  XTS3000 Portable Radio.
Save $14.24
Harris P5300 Surveillance KitHarris P5300 Surveillance Kit
Save $29.74
Motorola ZMN6032A Two-wire Surveillance KitMotorola ZMN6032A Two-wire Surveillance Kit
Save $285
3M FL5063-02 Peltor Push-To-Talk Adapter
Save $71.11
3M HTM79A-49 Peltor HT Series Listen-Only Headset Headband
Save $168
Harris XG-25P Two Way Portable Radio
Save $150
3M MT7H7P3E4010-NA-50 Peltor LiteCom Pro II 2-Way Headset, Hard Hat
Save $157.99
Save $184.03
3M Peltor Artillery Earmuff 88076-00000,(H6B GN), Tactical Hearing Protection

Company News

Waveband Communications adiciona novos produtos à vantagem do GSA

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Eldersburg, MD  // 19 de março de 2020 - Comunicações de banda de onda  anunciou hoje a disponibilidade imediata de acessórios de rádio bidireciona...

OSHA e Workplace Hearing Conservation

Nick Hohman
Comunicação Waveband discute OSHA e conservação auditiva de local de trabalho  Visita para ...

Waveband Communications Apresenta Acessórios para o Motorola XPR7550

Nick Hohman
A Waveband Communications anunciou hoje o lançamento do Motorola XPR7550 compatível com os acessórios de rádio de duas vias. Por: Waveband Communic...