Welcome to the Top Antenna Manufacturers in 2024 Guide. If you are in the process of looking for the best antennas for your two-way radios, computers, and/or GPS, then you are in the right place.

Antennas are an integral part of the critical communications community because they support the entire goal of communicating while on the move and in hard-to-connect areas. Industries like construction, security, transportation, and other professions where communication is vital, need reliable and durable antennas.

Proper antennas can bridge and prevent any communication breakdown. Consequently, antenna manufacturing is a fairly large industry causing an overload of manufacturers to choose between. Some antenna manufacturers have been introducing new technologies to the communications community for decades, and others are new and determined to prove their worth through recognition for their innovation.

Below we compiled a list of the top antenna manufacturers and suppliers in the communications industry for 2024. From PCTEL to STI-CO, we’ve got you covered.

  • Pulse Larsen
  • Panorama Antennas
  • Laird Connectivity
  • STI-CO

In this blog, we will break down each manufacturer’s background, product options, popular products, prices, and locations.

With this information, we are hoping to give you the ability to make an informed decision when choosing the right antennas for your team.

Here is our list of the top antenna manufacturers and suppliers of 2023!


  • Pulse Larsen
  • Panorama Antennas
  • Laird Connectivity
  • STI-CO



PCTEL, a renowned critical communications technology manufacturer, was founded in 1994. The headquarters are in Bloomingdale, Illinois where the CEO David Newmann works. Although PCTEL is headquartered in Illinois, they have multiple other locations around the world. This location flexibility opened the reality of worldwide shipping.

Over the almost 30 years that PCTEL has operated, the company developed over 100 patents, and hundreds of products within 3 categories—Antenna products, Industrial IoT Connectivity Solutions, and Test and Measurements.

The Antenna Products PCTEL offers includes:

  • WiFi and Bluetooth antennas
  • Public Safety Antennas
  • Cellular Antennas
  • ISM
  • LoRa
  • LPWAN Antennas
  • GPS and GNSS Antennas

Industrial IoT Connectivity Solutions Products:

  • IoT Access Point
  • Radio Module
  • Comprehensive Wireless Communication Sensor Program

Test and Measurements Products:

  • Scanning Receivers
  • Public Safety Network Testing Solutions
  • Interference Locating Systems
  • Transmitters
  • Network Testing Software

Within these different product categories, PCTEL is most known for their high-quality antenna products. The best antennas they offer include the following:

As you can see above, PCTEL products can cost anywhere between $40 and $1,000+. This price margin is large but the products more than match their worth.

Because of PCTELs’ products outstanding performance in critical communications, the company’s approximate revenue from 2022 totaled to $99.4 million. PCTEL is a great company that specializes in “purpose-built antenna systems”. To learn more about PCTEL, visit the company website here or peruse their informative pamphlet here.

Pulse Larsen

Founded in 1956, in Redwood, California, Pulse Larsen has over 60 years of experience in the technology and innovation industries. In 2018, Pulse was acquired by YAGEO which is headquartered in New Taipei City, Chinese Taipei. Pulse upholds their global presence with worldwide shipping and offices in over 15 locations and 3 continents.

Pulse Larsen currently sells and develops 11 different categories of products. These product categories include:

  • Antennas
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • Connectors and Cages
  • Current Sense Magnetics
  • Custom Power Magnetics
  • Inductors
  • EMI Suppression Beads
  • Integrated Connector Modules (ICMs)
  • RF Filters and X2Y Capacitors
  • Signal Magnetics and Modules
  • Power and Isolation Transformers

According to Pulse, “Our products can be found in a wide range of applications including hybrid and electric vehicles, 5G mobile network systems, smart grids, wearables, lighting, cell phones, datacenters, wireless charging, industrial automation equipment and security”.

Pulse’s most popular and trusted products are their renowned antennas. Pulse offers embedded, 3D, Internal, Vehicular, and Outdoor antennas plus more. The company’s most popular antennas include the following:

  • GPSMB501 (Vehicular Antenna: Combo, 5 Ports Multi Antennas)
    • Price: $150+
  • GPSLPMB401 (Vehicular Antenna: Combo, 4 Ports Multi Antenna)
    • Price: $80+
  • GPSDM26B0500 (Outdoor Antenna: Low Profile (LP)-Puck Style)
    • Price: N/A

The price range of Pulse Larsen’s products can be from as low as $30 to as high as $500. It fully depends on the specifications you are looking for a product to cover to determine how much you will be spending.

Pulse has an approximate yearly revenue of 343.5 million according to 2022 results. Because Pulse specializes in antennas; therefore, they have high sales and are considered front runners in the critical communications community regarding antennas.


Panorama is an antenna company that was founded in 1947 as J.F.J Products by Leon Jesman. It was not until 1960 that J.F.J. began manufacturing products for the communications industry. The company entered the latest consumer trend by making portable electronic equipment. This development created a perfect transition to antenna production for two-way radios.

It was in 1974 that J.F.J. reorganized into the current company—Panorama Antennas Limited—a family-owned business. The new organization focused on specialized communications antenna manufacturing and continues to do so to this day. Today, Panorama Antennas is a renowned antenna manufacturer in Europe, the U.S., and Australia known for offering, “reliable, innovative products and local specialist support to customers large and small across the globe”.

The company remains headquartered in London, U.K and has several regional offices and subsidiary companies around the world. As a result, Panorama offers close to worldwide shipping.

Panorama offers a total of five different categories of antennas. The company produces antennas meant for mobile radios, 4G/5G LTE and cellular capability, IoT and M2M, Inbuilding and DAS, and antenna accessories. They offer at least 640 products to customers.

Panorama’s most popular products include the following:

These antennas are specifically designed for critical communications professionals. Panorama Antennas has an average approximate yearly revenue of $24.1 million. This company has proven to be a leader in the development of portable and vehicular antennas for the critical communications community.

Laird Connectivity

Laird Connectivity is a well-known computer technology and electronics manufacturer. The company specializes in WiFi connection, Bluetooth technology, RF modules, and Internal antennas. Founded in 1980, Laird developed their specialties over many years.

The company is headquartered in Akron, Ohio since the company’s founding. Laird also has a few other offices located in Cedarburg, WI, Woodburn Green, UK, and Zhubei, Taiwan. Although the company has offices on three different continents, there is no guarantee of worldwide shipping. Laird Connectivity sells through partnerships so it depends on what partner the customer orders from to determine the shipping range. The company has an approximate annual revenue of $59 million.

Laird offers a variety of products in the following categories:

  • Wireless Expertise
  • Customizable IoT Solutions
  • EMC and Wireless Testing Services
  • Wireless Modules (WiFi Modules+Bluetooth, Bluetooth Modules, LoRaWAN Modules, Cellular Solutions, RAMP ISM Modules, Programming Kits)
  • System-On-Modules (NXP i.MX 8 Series, NXP i.MX 6 Series, Microchip, SBC, Accessories, Displays, Summit Suite)
  • Internal Antennas (WiFi and Bluetooth, Multiband/Cellular IoT and M2M, Sub-GHz Antennas, NFC Antennas, Custom Antennas)
  • IoT Devices (Bluetooth IoT Devices, LoRaWAN IoT Devices, Canvas Device Manager)

The price range of the products in the above categories can range dramatically. Some internal antennas can cost as low as $4; whereas, Laird routers and WiFi solutions can be as high as $800+.

Overall, Laird is a reputable company known for their connectivity solutions. Whether that be WiFi, Bluetooth, or Antennas, Laird Connectivity has over 40 years of expertise to share with their customers.


STI-CO is known for their top-of-the-line mission critical antennas. This company makes technology specifically for industries such as the military, covert operations, public safety/tactical, commuter rail and bus, and freight rail.

“STI-CO is a premier supplier of custom antenna solutions. Our antenna systems are built to last and have the least life cycle costs in the antenna industry”.

Founded in 1967, STI-CO has worked for over 50 years to ensure that their products are reputable and reliable. The company is headquartered in Orchard Park, NY where the workers design and manufacture “mission-critical communication systems to keep your team connected”.

STI-CO also sells their products through outside dealers, so it is best to order from the dealer in your area or communicate with a sales representative at STI-CO. To see the list of STI-CO’s partnerships, go here. Not every dealer will sell all 500+ products that STI-CO produces; therefore, find your product on STI-CO’s website first and then follow the website instructions to determine where to make your purchase.

STI-CO has several popular products but their most esteemed are their antennas. The following antennas are great examples of STI-CO’s great products:

STI-CO is a thriving company that makes products for very specific industries. They have an approximate yearly revenue of $12.3 million—attesting to their great success.

In Conclusion:

Choosing the right antenna for your organization, whether that be a police vehicle, a firehouse, or a public transportation vehicle, this is a crucial decision. In public safety and works, it is extremely important that the devices these organizations use for communication are dependable, durable, and efficient.

Above is an overview of top antenna manufacturers in 2023 including PCTEL, Pulse Larsen, Panorama Antenna, Laird Connectivity, and STI-CO.

Each of these suppliers or manufacturers has its own repertoire of products and services. They all have unique price points due to the company’s unique and individual products. The shipping options for most of the companies depends on the dealers they are partner with, but it is common that the more offices the company has around the world, the higher the chances of worldwide shipping.

By comparing these different specifications of the companies, we hope we provided the best information to choose the supplier that fits your organization’s needs and budget.

Now that you are armed with the necessary information to choose the antenna manufacturer for you, it’s time to make a plan and purchase. Consider your budget, the type of products needed, and the company shipping options. In addition, make sure to read the reviews of the company especially on the specific device you are looking to purchase. Every company has its strengths and weaknesses; make sure to only purchase its quality technology.

First Source Wireless is a leading critical communications dealer; the company and personnel can assist customers in choosing the proper antennas to match their budget and needs. By taking the due time to find the right antennas for your two-way radio, computers, GPS, and more you are ensuring your teams stay safer, more connected, and efficient.

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