Tactical headsets are an integral device in the critical communications community. From hearing protection to environmental listening, tactical headsets are an extremely important piece of equipment to protect those working in the military.

Therefore, purchasing tactical headsets for yourself or your team is an important decision. Since tactical headsets are lifesaving, there are many manufacturers. It can be challenging determining which manufacturers are trustworthy which is why we worked to put together a comprehensive guide on the top tactical headsets for 2024.


3M Peltor

3M Peltor was founded in 1902 in Northern Minnesota as a humble mining venture. Over the next few decades, 3M developed through science, ingenuity, and collaboration to move from mining into critical communications technology.

Manufacturing more than 60,000 different products—over time 3M has created a great reputation for themselves. The company has over 40 different plant locations in more than 20 states.

3M develops products for industries ranging from government to manufacturing. The company is well known for their work in the personal protection equipment category. 3M Protective Communications features in-ear and over-ear headset options, respiratory communications, and safety base stations.

In addition to tactical headsets, a great accessory that 3M Peltor manufactures is the 3M Peltor Push-To-Talk (PTT) Adapter Military Radio with Connector. This accessory is used to turn various 3M Peltor communications headsets into a handsfree communications device. The adapter is also specifically made for military radios. To learn more go here.

As a company that has become well established over the 120 plus years they have been in business, 3M Peltor is known around the world. Shipping for 3M tactical headsets can be considered worldwide because the company sells most products through outside dealers that can be located all around the world.

3M Peltors most popular products include but are not limited to the options below:

As you can see above, 3M Peltor products’ prices have a wide range. However, with 3M Peltor you can always be guaranteed a reliable and effective product for your critical communications purposes. With a yearly sales rate of $30 billion, it is clear 3M Peltor is a successful company that you can trust will provide you with top critical communications equipment.


Invisio Communications is renowned company that was founded in 1999. However, it was not until 2008 that Invisio began manufacturing solely communications technology. The company is headquartered in Denmark; this office is only one of many in several other countries around the world.

Invisio’s reach and reputation being well known from providing critical communications technology to the U.S. and British militaries, allows for worldwide shipping and need for their products. The company’s specialty is tactical communications for defense and public safety.

The specialization in defense technology is reflected in the product types Invisio creates. Product categories include headsets, intercom systems, cables, and PTT accessories. From these categories, Invisio Communications’ most popular products include its tactical headsets including the following:

In addition to the above featured products, Invisio manufactures and additional 50 or so products. This amount may seem low compared to other manufacturers; however, the performance of the tactical headsets is quite unmatched.

Invisio Communications produces top-of-the-line products proven by the company being a member of The Danish Sound, an “International industry cluster with a long tradition of outstanding achievements in acoustics, hearing and mobile communications, based on partnership between business and university”.

Moreover, Invisio’s products’ success can be conveyed through finances. Invisio Communications’ average yearly revenue for 2022 was over 75 million USD. Overall, Invisio manufactures tactical headsets and other critical communications technology specifically for military applications.

Ops Core

The Ops-Core brand was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 2005 by David and Viktoria Rogers. In 2012, the Gentex Corporation bought the brand. The two companies came together to focus on, “serving the modern war fighter…to deliver sophisticated personal protective equipment for elite military units around the world”.

Ops-Core specializes in technology and equipment for military, law enforcement, and security purposes. As primary suppliers of lifesaving communications equipment, tactical headsets are Ops-Core’s most popular products. Ops-Core’s number one tactical headset is listed below:

The Ops-Core brand does not offer as many products as the other manufacturers within this guide. This can be a great sign because it means the company is focusing on quality over quantity of products. Tactical headsets are used to keep safety professionals aware, and simply alive.

A buyer needs to know that the manufacturer they are purchasing from will produce reliable and effective equipment. Gentex and Ops-Core work together to create the best products they can to save as many lives as possible. This dedication is reflected in Gentex’ yearly average revenue of $318.8 million for 2022.


Silynx is headquartered in Newport Beach, California. Founded in 2006, Silynx has been working tirelessly to become a leading critical communications manufacturer. The company specializes in manufacturing defense and space technology.

Silynx’ goal is to provide “crystal clear communications and advanced hearing protection for elite military and law enforcement teams as well as industrial professionals”. Silynx has big goals as a smaller manufacturer. The company sells most of the products produced through dealers and distributors; therefore, shipping is determined by the dealers.

“Design, development, and manufacture of ruggedized in-ear headset systems” is Silynx Communications’ specialty. They offer a variety of products including PTT systems, headset systems, headsets, radio cables, and several accessories. Silynx’ most popular tactical headsets include:

Silynx Communications’ prices vary depending on the technology. The Silynx Covert System is a higher price because this product is a kit rather than a single product. As a smaller manufacturer, the yearly revenue is typically a modest $1 million.

This tactical headset manufacturer formed as a company to serve the military, law enforcement, shooting and hunting, and industrial sectors. Silynx Communications is a perfect manufacturer to purchase from if you are looking to prioritize covert or less intrusive tactical headsets.



Choosing between tactical headset manufacturers can be overwhelming. Anyone making these purchases understands how important a decision it can be as these headsets often help keep the users’ life safe.

We hope this guide provided the information necessary to choose between these reputable and knowledgeable manufacturers when purchasing your team’s tactical headsets. First Source Wireless is always open to acting as an educational resource and provider of tactical headsets and critical communications technology.

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DEANNA PARENTI is a Marketing Copywriter at Waveband Communications. With her experience in critical communications, she helps public safety clients enhance their team communications during everyday work and emergencies.

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