3M Peltor is known for their high-quality headsets that were made for dangerous situations that are best handled with clear communications. One of the areas of work 3M creates headsets for is manufacturing.

Those who work in manufacturing are often around dangerous machinery that can malfunction and without clear communication workers can be harmed. Moreover, large parts of manufacturing include isolation of workers.

Factories are often spread out because of the large machines so those who tend to the machines are also spread out. Headsets can help those workers stay in touch; consequently, improving their bodily safety and mood.

3M Peltor headsets are made to protect hearing, keep users connected, maintain worker’s motivation, and improve productivity and efficiency. Read this article to learn more about how manufacturing facilities can help their workers be safer and saner with 3M Peltor headsets.

Protects Hearing:

Hearing protection is of utmost importance because NIHL or noise induced hearing loss impacts a majority of workers in manufacturing facilities. 3M Peltor’s headsets work to protect the wearer’s hearing; most of the head noise reduction rating sets have a (NRR) of 20+ dB.

According to the CDC, about 22 million U.S. workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels at work. Noise induced hearing loss is often caused by long term exposure to noise at or above 85 decibels. Large machinery is frequently louder than 85 decibels; therefore, factory workers deserve proper hearing protection.

With headsets that have a NRR of 20 dB, then noise at 85 decibels will be reduced to 55 decibels, a safe noise exposure level.

3M Peltor is a recommended brand for reducing and preventing the impacts of NIHL. 3M headset’s noise induced hearing loss prevention does not mean complete muting. Peltor headsets often have microphones in the earmuffs that filters out dangerous noise levels but lets through noises like conversational tones. These microphones improve situational awareness to further protect user’s physical safety.

Peltor headsets are made to protect worker’s futures by preventing noise induced hearing loss. To learn more about NIHL, please visit our article, How to Prevent Hearing Loss in the Workplace.

Keeps Everyone Connected:

Communication is key to a safe and efficient workplace. 3M Peltor headsets are recommended for clear and consistent communication. In factories and manufacturing facilities, headsets are used so coworkers can hear directions and communicate without being interrupted by loud machinery.

As mentioned before, most Peltor headsets have situational awareness microphones in the earmuffs which encourages proper communication. However, they also have top of the line microphones for the user to speak into to communicate with other headset users. Similar to the earmuff microphones, the microphone you speak into filters out noises aside from your voice ensuring that your message is transmitted clearly.

Peltor headsets also build on clear communication by providing Bluetooth and wired connection to two-way radios. If a manufacturing facility has made use of two-way radios in the past, the facility does not need to buy new radios because the headsets are compatible with most radios.

Without headsets, some facilities use overhead speakers to give general direction and warnings, but those communications can be missed by workers around loud machinery which can put their lives at risk. These headsets keep workers on the floor safe because they have a higher chance of hearing every type of direction or warning, so they stay physically safe.

Maintains Motivation:

In most workplaces, employers want their workers to feel motivated because it is what encourages consistency, efficiency, and overall great work. Sometimes in manufacturing, the jobs can feel solitary from the lack of interaction between coworkers and the occasional monotony of the job.

Minimizing these negative feelings can help embolden workers. Listening to music or having conversations over the headsets can reduce feelings of solitude to improve a worker’s motivation without having to take off protective equipment.

Productivity & Efficiency:

Not only does communication improve workers’ physical safety, it also improves their efficiency and productivity. Headsets by 3M Peltor help workers have clear communication routes which minimizes lost time. For instance, workers do not have to waste time searching for coworkers or going to the office/find a phone to page someone, give direction, or ask a question.

With a 3M headset, all workers can easily be contacted, and the risk of missed communications is significantly lowered. According to Apollo Technical, 86% of employees and executives blame the lack of effective collaboration and communication as the leading cause for errors in the workplace.

We hope this article helped provide significant reasons for why and how 3M Peltor headsets can improve the efficiency, safety, and overall mood in manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing is the backbone of every society; the workers should feel safe in their environment and be able to communicate with ease.

By providing technology like headsets to allow for easy communication, many of the negative implications of manufacturing like hearing loss, isolation, monotony, and missing instructions can be alleviated. 3M Peltor headsets have the potential to improve any manufacturing facility.


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DEANNA PARENTI is a Marketing Copywriter at Waveband Communications. With her experience in critical communications, she helps public safety clients enhance their team communications during everyday work and emergencies.

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