While looking into lawn mowing headphones with a radio, we noticed many people have purchased and tried a lot of AM/FM radio headphones and still can’t seem to find the right fit.

Maybe the headphones weren’t durable enough for the job or maybe they didn’t give enough noise protection from loud machinery.

When landscaping you’re around pressure washers, lawn mowers, using a jackhammer or weed wacker that can damage your hearing if not protected properly.

Many people were also looking for headphones with built in AM/FM radio and Bluetooth capabilities to listen to their favorite radio station, and music while working.

Let’s dive into the best radio headphones for mowing and working outside,

  1. 3M Peltor Worktunes Connect Headset
  2. DeWalt DPG 15 Digital Headset
  3. HoneyWell Sync Digital AM/FM Earmuff

    3M Peltor Worktunes Connect Headset

    3M Peltor Worktunes

    3M Peltor designed the Worktunes Connect Headset that has been widely used for personal home lawncare and landscape companies to stay connected. The Worktunes has an AM/FM radio with built in antenna that allows you to store up to 5 stations. There is also an version of this headset that comes with an AM/FM Radio and Bluetooth together.

    The headset is equipped with many features including.

    • Voice Guided Menu System
    • Digital Station Search
    • Low battery warning
    • 3.5mm listen only stereo input for connection to external devices (available in headset without bluetooth)

    The Noise Reduction Rating for the Worktunes headset is 24 to 26 dB, providing a good enough suppression of loud noise such as lawn mowers and weed wackers.

    3M Peltor Worktunes headset price starts at $79.99 to $119.99 on distributors like First Source Wireless. With the price, you're getting a more durable headset that will last a long time even in harsh environments. One user even claimed it had been dropped accidently a few times and still worked.

    To reduce corrosion by sweat, 3M designed the headset to have electronics located on the outer part of the ear cup to protect it.

    The wildly popular and rated Worktunes headset is available in four options, the Worktunes Connect with AM/FM radio and Bluetooth, Worktunes Connect with Bluetooth, Worktunes Pro with AM FM Radio (Hard Hat Option Available).

    I broke down the four options of the Worktunes and ranked them into three categories: Most features, Budget Friendly, and Safety.

    Most Features

    Worktunes Connect with AM/FM Radio and Bluetooth

    Budget Friendly

    Worktunes Connect with Bluetooth

    Worktunes Pro with AM FM Radio


    Best for Safety

    Worktunes Pro with AM FM radio (Hard Hat)


    A user on Reddit said “I have those [3M Peltor Worktunes] and have used them religiously any time I'm doing something loud. They still work like new after about 3 years of use and drops and general punishment, the battery life is good and they’re pretty comfortable.” 

    For more information and commonly asked questions, read Troubleshooting the 3M Worktunes Headset.


    DeWalt DPG 15 Digital AM/FM Radio Headset

    DeWalt Headset

    DeWalt has made their version of headset with an FM/AM radio that can be used for lawn mowing and landscaping. This headset has a LCD display screen that shows you the AM/FM radio stations with 8 radio presets for changing the station.

    Other features of this headset include;

    • Digital AM/FM radio tuning with LCD display
    • 8 radio station presets per band
    • Use with any audio playing device. (Required 3.5mm auxiliary plug included)
    • Soft, foam filled ear cups
    • Lightweight, durable construction
    • Adjustable, padded headband
    • Complies with CSA Z94.2 Class A
    • NRR 25dB

    The noise reduction is 25 dB, roughly around the same as the 3M Peltor Worktunes and Honeywell Sync. 

    DeWalt DPG Headset can be purchased for around $60. Unlike the 3M Peltor Worktunes, this headset doesn't come with bluetooth connectivity so connection to external devices requires using a wired 3.5mm auxiliary jack.

    The headset is also not available in a hard hat attachment configuration so if you are planning on using this in environments requiring safety precautions.

    The DeWalt DPG 15 uses AA batteries that do not need to be changed often. 

    Honeywell Sync Digital AM/FM Earmuff

    Honeywell Sync Headset

    The Honeywell Sync is a good headset for lawn mowing and comes with an AM/FM radio with an LCD display. You're able to pre-set 10 favorite radio stations. 

    Aside from the AM/FM radio, the Sync comes with an aux input jack for connection to external devices to plug in your phone.

    The headset comes with patented Air Flow Control for ear cups to reduce noise across sound frequencies. The volume management technology lets you create listening experiences both indoors and out.

    This headset like the others is relatively lightweight, perfect for long time use while not compromising durability. With four buttons on the side of the ear cup give you the option to play, pause, and answer. This also lets you to skip songs and go back with forward and back buttons.

    The price of this headset is roughly around $65.

    The Sync headset comes with a Noise Reduction Rating of 25 db. 

    While researching, it was also brought to attention that these headsets are not supposed to be worn for more than four hours straight. This may be a deciding factor if needing headset for long workdays. Some also have claimed it is a tight headset.

    As the DeWalt headset, this headset is not capable of being used with a hard-hat and is not Bluetooth but if you do get a call on your phone you will be notified with the wired connection aux.

    Best Radio Headset

    By reading the reviews and the overview of features, the 3M Peltor Worktunes still comes in as the most popular radio headset for mowing and landscaping. Reviews strived about the durability and how they have had the headset for a long time without an issue. 3M specifically designed this headset to be used by landscapers and personal use who want entertainment while working. The Bluetooth capabilities help connect your phone or other devices without having a cord get in your way and allows you to answer calls without removing the headset.

    What to Look for in a Lawn Mowing Headset?

    As you already know, there are a lot of options to choose from while purchasing a lawn mowing headset. It’s important to consider the qualities and features you want in your headset. What is required? What is a feature you want but can do without?

    Below, I’ll show you some things you should consider when looking into the best headphones for working outside.

    1. Comfort

      Sometimes, if you or your clients have a huge yard or land to cover, mowing can take hours to complete. Comfort would be a necessary feature to have while searching for a headset.

      Many headsets, like the 3M Peltor Worktunes Connect, is designed around comfort and all-day use. Soft ear cushions and flexible headband allow for ventilation and is wearable with a hat.

    2. Entertainment

      Let’s be honest, yardwork can get boring. Who wouldn’t want to hear their favorite podcast, audiobook, or music and radio station while riding on their lawnmower?

      A lot of lawn mowing headsets are Bluetooth or have a built-in AM and FM radio making it easy to stay entertained during those long days.

      If this is something you want, look for AM/FM and Bluetooth headsets.

    3. Bluetooth Connection

      Like said before, a lot of headsets come with Bluetooth connectivity where you’re able to answer your phone, decline a call, and end a call right on your headset without removing it. If this is important to you, find a headset with Bluetooth so you can connect your cell phone.

    4. Hearing Protection

      Landscaping equipment can be damaging to your hearing. Your headset must have proper Noise Reduction Ratings to fully limit the amount of sound exposure to your ears. Many headsets I have seen have an NRR of 24 dB which has a good level of noise reduction.

      Find the right NRR is ideal, going too high and wearing a noise cancelling headset can be dangerous to your safety and others around you if you can’t hear.

      SUGGESTED READ: What is Noise Reduction Rating? Why You Should Care

    5. Price

      Price can be a deciding factor on which headset you choose. The more features a headset has, like Bluetooth and radio connection, will be more expensive than a regular hearing protection headset.

      Earplugs are a lot cheaper than a full headset but hearing protection could be limited as well as the features you’ll find on a more expensive option.


    First Source Wireless is a dealer of 3M Peltor communication headsets and accessories, delivering the 3M Worktunes Headset. Since 2003, First Source Wireless provides optimal wireless solutions to public safety and law enforcement worldwide. Contact us today if you’re interested in purchasing any 3M Peltor headsets.

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