Eldersburg, Maryland - First Source Wireless, a critical communications company, today announced their now a vendor for Galvion, a leading name in military helmets and protective equipment. With this partnership, First Source Wireless can provide its customers with a wider variety of military protection and communication equipment.

First Source Wireless will now offer Galvion’s line of military helmets including the popular Batlskin Armor Caiman and Viper series. Each helmet has three levels of configuration including one hole drilled, mission ready, and mission ready plus. The one hole drilled in the basic tactical helmet and the mission ready, and mission ready plus versions include rail mounts and night vision mounts.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Galvion.” Says Nick Hohman, Vice President of First Source Wireless. “Becoming a vendor allows us to continue our mission to provide top-tier solutions to the military and law enforcement agencies. We look forward to a productive and successful partnership together.”

Galvion’s Caiman Helmet is available in ballistic, hybrid, and bump. The Caiman line features great blunt impact protection, environmental condition design, and can be immersed in seawater and operate in extreme temperatures.

The primary features of the Caiman helmet line include:

  • Advanced Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) material in unique high cut shape
  • Available in five (5) sizes for better-fitting, lighter helmet
  • Best-in-class APEX Liner System is infinitely customizable for ultimate comfort
  • Scalable protection with Visors and Mandible Guards
  • Integrates seamlessly with Face Shields, NVGs, Chem/Bio masks and
  • Communication Devices
  • 7-year warranty

The Caiman helmets start at $731 MSRP and are immediately available.

The Viper Helmet Line consists of three systems – A3, A5, and P2 and are available in full cut, mid cut, and high cut. The helmets also have top-notch environmental protection and blunt impact protection designs.

The primary features of the Viper helmets include:

  • Monolithic Aramid material in ACH shape
  • Available in four (4) sizes, three (3) cuts, with two (2) suspension/retention options
  • Additional modular accessories (Front Mount, Interlocking Rails) take from Clean to Mission-Ready configuration
  • Scalable protection with the addition of Visor and Mandible Guard
  • Compatible with Face Shields, NVGs, Chem/Bio Masks and Communication Devices
  • 7-year warranty*

The Viper helmets start at $544 MSRP and are immediately available.

About Galvion

For 20 years, Galvion proved as a company to be a leader in solutions and equipment that aid modern tactical operators and the military. Galvion designs and manufactures protective armor and head systems for military workers worldwide. The company has offices in three countries and a solid foundation to have employees that work together to reach Galvion’s common goal—getting everyone home safely.

About First Source Wireless

First Source Wireless is an authorized dealer for leading communication headsets and telecommunications products including 3M Peltor, Silynx Communications, Ops Core, Pulse Larsen, Cradlepoint and more. First Source Wireless services public safety, military, recreational, and occupational professionals across the nation.

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