According to “Healthy Hearing” noise pollution is now considered a public health threat. If those in the public are at risk for NIHL in everyday life, imagine the high risk those in the communications industry face. Due to the high risk of noise-induced hearing loss, communications technology manufacturers like 3M Peltor create protection equipment.

The 3M Peltor Hearing Defender is an excellent piece of technology for protecting against NIHL. Keep reading to learn all the details—features, performance, after sale support, and payment options—about the 3M Hearing Defender.

  • Introduction
  • Product Details on Technology
  • Product Details on Design
  • Who is Buying the Hearing Defender
  • Testimonials from Buyers
  • After Sale Support
  • 3M Peltor Warranty
  • Payment Options
  • Conclusion

3M Hearing Defender Product Specifications:

The 3M Hearing Defender is built to aid in the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss. Below we have given meticulous details about the general technology of the 3M Peltor V and the headset’s hearing protection ratings.

General Technology:

  • 150 hours of battery power
  • Tactical Rating
  • Made for two-way communication
  • Compatible with most helmets, different microphones, two-way radios
  • NEXUS TP-120 Plug Type
  • Headband construction
  • Increased EMI/RF Shielding
    • New shielding within the cables and around the circuitry significantly reduces the effects of radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by newer, more sophisticated radios
  • Works with PTT adapters (3M Peltor FL4000 Series)
  • Environmental Testing for Performance
    • Testing in accordance with MIL-STD-810F
    • The 3M Peltor V Hearing Defender is environmentally tested for:
      • Altitude
      • High/Low Temperatures
      • Solar Radiation
      • Temperature Shock
      • Humidity
      • Blowing Rain
      • Salt/Fog
      • Shock/Drop
      • Vibration
      • Sand/Dust
      • Fungus
      • Explosive Atmosphere
  • Electromagnetic Interference: Tested in accordance to MIL STD 461E/F
    • Department of Defense Interface Standard, Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference
      • Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment—CS114, RE101, RE-102-4, RS101, and RS103 requirements

The technology behind the 3M Hearing Defender is a testament to the longevity and reliability of the headset. They can stand up to harsh environments, can last through long shifts, can work with a variety of other communication devices, and are tested is accordance with government standards.

Hearing Protection:

When buying hearing protection, you want to make sure the headset will last through harsh conditions and long worktimes. But, you also want to know that your headset is tested by reputable sources to actually protect your hearing.

Below are the details on how the Peltor ComTac V Hearing Defender is tested to protect hearing:

The NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) is 23dB. The NRR is tested in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974 which is the current testing requirement for hearing protection device labeling according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute. They oversee the standards and conformity assessments in the United States.

Another hearing protection feature the ComTac V Hearing Defender features is omni-directional microphones and high-fidelity speakers.

Omni-directional microphones pick up sound equally from all directions. This technology helps minimize noise outside of normal levels. These microphones direct outside noise into the earcup speakers.

The speakers within the earcups are considered high fidelity. High fidelity speakers are optimized for clear and accurate sound replication. With proper sound replication, the 3M ComTac V Hearing Defender is a natural sounding headset with unmatched sound clarity.

For clear communication and further hearing protection for other listeners, the headset has a state-of-the-art boom microphone. The mic has 18dB of noise cancellation. It is measured at a 10mm distance and is normalized for 0dB at 1khz. In addition to special technology or accessories, the Hearing Defender also features modes and settings to aid in hearing protection.

For instance, the 3M headset has an earplug mode. This setting is intended for when the headset user is wearing double hearing protection like earplugs in tandem with the headset. Earplug mode increases the volume of ambient sound and the external input by 6dB.

This mode is to be used willing that the earplugs are fitted. To learn more about properly fitting earplugs, go here.

The hearing defender also features balance mode which adjusts the environmental listening function. This setting evens out noise levels between the left and right speakers so one is not louder than the other.

Lastly, the equalizer function is necessary to adjust the preset frequency response for environmental sounds.

Who is the Hearing Defender FOR and who it is NOT for:

The 3M Peltor Hearing Defender was made for specific situations. This is an expensive piece of communications technology—it is not intended for children to protect their ears at concerts or for hearing protection at fireworks shows.

This headset is made for military workers who are practicing shooting and are around explosives. It is made for manufacturing, construction and roadwork crews, airport tarmac workers, and first responders. In these occupations, consistent and reliable hearing protection is necessary alongside the ability to communicate with fellow workers.

Because the Hearing Defender offers the simultaneous ability of protection and communication it is more expensive than a run of the mill hearing protection headset.

Product Testimonials:

3M hearing Defender Product reviewThe 3M Peltor ComTac V Hearing Defender has been receiving positive feedback since its release. For instance, at First Source Wireless one customer wrote,

“I had bought these because they have the option to eventually convert to comms capable, as well as are easily helmet mountable. Sounds quality is incredibly natural, around the middle of the volume range almost sounds like you’re not even wearing EarPro. We use them traveling on Side by Sides (with front windshields because it makes a big difference in sound quality) as well and razers sound miserable with the wind and engine noise, while these are able to filter most of that out and still allow you to talk with passengers. They are super comfortable, got some gel cups for them and they got even better. Also the fact that they still allow sound to come in while firing guns or while around other loud sounds is very much an upgrade from cheaper electronic ear pro that completes cuts out all sound, you don’t realize just how much information you miss when that sound is being cut off and to have it only suppress louder noises is a massive upside and makes you feel much more aware of what’s going on around you. Overall, would absolutely buy again”.

Another customer at Midway wrote,

“I got a pair of these, one for my helmet and one to wear stand-alone. Amazing sound quality”

According to Tiberious Gib,

“3M Comtac V 5, I finally broke down and bought a good quality pair of ear protection. They are not inexpensive but the comfortable and quality make them worth every dollar!”

From a gear review,

“The Peltor ComTac III is a high quality electronic hearing protection headset that’s capable of being used as a single comm headset should the user desire. It’s also adaptable for use with consumer grade electronics through use of the 3.5mm adapter cable. It is adaptable, comfortable, and provides adequate hearing protection while allowing for excellent hearing of ambient sounds. I do have some minor complaints with the headset, primarily relating to a few aspects of its construction, but it’s generally an excellent headset and one I can recommend.”


These are testaments to the high-quality products that 3M Peltor produces.

3M After Sale Support:

Unlike many companies today, 3M Peltor takes pride in providing unmatched after-sales support for their Peltor products. 3M is a business of longevity and efficiency—in how the products are made and how customers are treated after a purchase.

For instance, the company has a dedicated repair department that is over 200,000 square feet in Monroe, North Carolina. This facility provides repair and warranty support.

3M also has a team of advanced technical support who can troubleshoot any after-sale technical issues such as programming, firmware updates, and any compatibility issues. These problems often arise with advanced electronic communication equipment.

3M Peltor is a company that is striving for excellent customer and business relations through consistent support and reliable technology.


3M Peltor ComTac offers a repair and warranty deal with the headsets.

With the company program, there are three steps:

  1. Call a 3M Representative
  2. If your tactical headset requires repair, replacement, or general service, then you need to determine if it is still under warranty
    1. How to determine if your headset is under warranty
      1. Under or at 1 year from the date of purchase
      2. If you do not have a receipt to prove the date of purchase, you can provide your product serial numberwarranty and seriel number sticker on the earcup of a 3m peltor comtac v headset
  3. Ship your headset to the 3M Peltor Repair center

To learn more details about the warranty on your tactical headset, go here

Payment Options:

At First Source Wireless we are GSA Approved, allow payment plan contracts, and offer discounts. GSA contracts or General Services Administration contracts are also known as Federal Supply Schedule or Multiple Award Schedule. GSAs are used as long-term governmentwide contracts with commercial companies; therefore, only government agencies or organizations will qualify.

Other buyers—private groups and businesses or individuals—can inquire about general payment contracts (these are for groups, organizations, or companies) and individuals can explore available discounts.

For example, First Source Wireless offers various discounts for police officers, firefighters, and other first responding personnel. Keep in mind, when using one of these discounts, you will need to provide a code to prove your identity as a first responder.

Explore the Discounts Page HERE


Wrap Up:

The 3M Peltor ComTac V Hearing Defender is a great option for hearing protection in the workplace. Noise induced hearing loss impacts hundreds and thousands in the American workforce every year. Our manufacturers, construction crews, military, and first responders deserve proper protection against NIHL.

From the technical specifications to the testimonials, it is clear that the 3M Peltor ComTac V Hearing Defender is an outstanding hearing protection headset. We hope this article provided you with the necessary information to decide if the Hearing Defender is the right headset for your team.

If you have any further questions about the product or payment options feel free to contact us at First Source Wireless.



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