Eldersburg, Maryland - On September 12th, 2023, First Source Wireless, a communications equipment dealer, was awarded a $24,635.35 contract with the Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota, to provide Setcom fire truck intercom headsets and base station.

Under the contract, First Source Wireless will supply 19 Setcom Team Communications Headsets, 5 LiberatorMAX Master Stations, and 5 interface cables to connect headsets to the Motorola APX8500 mobile radios.

“We are thrilled to support the expansion and improvement of communications technology at the Grand Forks Air Force base”. Said Nick Hohman, President of First Source Wireless. “The Setcom intercom headsets are a great choice for hands-free and reliable communication”.

The Setcom Team Communications Headset has variety of features that make it a great headset for the Grand Forks Air Force Base. It has 16 talk channels, which is great for large groups like an air force base, and it comes with full duplex which allows multiple people to talk at one time. The Setcom headset also features a 1,500-foot range (line of sight) and a 15-hour battery life.

The LiberatorMAX is an advanced system that can connect seven wireless headsets. It is easy to install and requires only one base station yet comes with many features. It has sixteen talk-group channels and can connect to 2 mobile radios. With the LiberatorMAX, the Grand Forks Air Force Base can easily connect multiple crews.

About Setcom

Setcom has had a great reputation in the critical communications industry for the last 45 years. They are known for taking advice from professionals in the emergency response fields and creating technology that directly addresses those needs.

Setcom is a trusted choice for firefighters, police officers, the military, and other emergency responders looking for reliable communication devices when on the job.


About First Source Wireless

First Source Wireless is committed to improving team critical communications by providing reliable equipment and accessories from the most popular brands in the industry. For over 20 years, First Source Wireless has provided communications equipment to the military, law enforcement, public safety, and industrial sectors.

Headquartered in Eldersburg, Md. For more information visit www.firstsourcewireless.com




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