Ops Core AMP Headsets from Gentex Corporation are one of the most popular military & law enforcement tactical headsets on the market. Introduced in fall of 2018, AMPs have quickly become the go-to in communication and hearing protection.

We’ll go into more detail on each version of the headset to help you get a better idea of what you need before you buy it.


Let’s do a quick dive into the features of the Ops Core AMP headsets.


The AMP headsets use AAA batteries that provide up to 120 hours of 3D Hear Through (3DHT) battery life. The headset is also fail-safe meaning if the batteries fail, 3DHT will power off but the headset and earplugs will continue working.

3D Hear-Through Technology

Improves situational awareness by enhancing “natural hearing” of the environment around you.

Noise Canceling Boom Mic

The AMP boom mic eliminates background noise for clear communication and can be mounted on both the left or right earcup or removed completely.

The AMP headband can be easily removeable and reattached with VELCRO fastening. Compared to other headbands, this doesn’t require any additional tools to remove which makes it easier to switch between the ARC rails and back.

NFMI vs Standard Version

There are two versions of the headset; NFMI Enabled and Standard.

NFMI Enabled

NFMI Enabled Headsets allow you to pair with wireless NFMI (Near-Field Magnetic Induction) earplugs to provide increased noise reduction. These earplugs do not require batteries or recharging and include standard, slim, and large Comply foam ear tips. The headset has a mode switch button that lets you toggle between NFMI earplugs and standard headset.

When paired with the NFMI earplugs, the NRR of the headset increases from 22 dB (Headset only) to 34 dB.


The Standard headset provides 22 dB NRR (27 dB SNR) and can not pair with the NFMI earplugs. This headset is good if you are not looking to increase noise reduction.

Connectorized vs Fixed


The Connectorized version of the AMPs allows you to connect and disconnect the downlead(s) from the headset. This lets you customize the headset for comms capabilities to be single, dual, or no downlead.

If you don’t plan to use any comms with this headset, the connectorized might be a better option because of the removable downlead.


The fixed headset has an attached permanent downlead which does not remove from the headset. Because of this, the headset is about $300 cheaper than the connectorized version.

If you’re not using this for comms other users have said they tie the downlead out of the way when not using.


Push to Talk

The AMPs come with a U174 plug downlead that lets you plug the headset into a push to talk and are available for most two-way radios both professional and amateur.

  • L3Harris XL-200
  • Motorola APX/XPR
  • Harris PRC163/ PRC152 Military Radios
  • Baofeng

Push to talks lets you hear and respond back to any radio communication though the headset. Most push to talks are compatible with the U174 plug from companies such as 3M or Silynx.

Find a Push to Talk

ARC Rails

If you plan on using this headset with a military or tactical helmet, you’ll want to grab yourself a pair of ARC rails. The headset will need to be transitioned from the headband to the arc rails to attach to a helmet. This is an easy task but might take some time.

ARC rails are sold separately and are about $160.

Camo Skin Sets

The AMP headset comes in three different colors, tan, black, and green. The Camo skin sets are stickers that go on the headset that are designed to match military uniforms. This includes Multicam, Multicam black, Multicam tropic, and Multicam alpine. These stickers provide a seamless look when wearing uniforms.

How First Source Wireless Can Help

First Source Wireless is an authorized reseller of Ops Core/ Gentex. We have years of experience in military communication headsets and helping people find the right solutions for them. We understand with a big price tag, making a purchase can be intimidating, let us help! Shop our store or give us a call at 800-991-4569, we’re here to help.

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