Summer often entails large outdoor events like carnivals, festivals, or fairs. These events can involve hundreds to thousands of guests, which also means a large number of event staff. From security to food suppliers, staff includes anyone running the event.

With that many different people running one event, they will need to clearly and easily communicate. Two-way radios are the best friend for event staff. This technology can help the workers communicate in real time so problems can be addressed efficiently and safely.

In addition to two-way radios, the accessories that can be paired are also extremely useful. Earpieces can ensure workers can hear communication in noisy environments and PTT can be used for hands-free communication.

Read more to learn why two-way radios and paired accessories should be added to your event needs list this summer.

Enhancing Safety and Security

Typically, the larger the gathering, the larger the possibility for medical emergencies or security incidents. Therefore, security teams at events like fairs and festivals can be both private security and state police officers.

Consequently, teams need to make sure they have the right technology to keep up with the local police officers. Two-way radios allow security officials to communicate amongst the team and the staff in real-time. With immediate communication, emergencies can be responded to quickly and safely.

For example, it is common at large events for a child to accidentally get separated from their parents. With radios, staff, security, and police officers can communicate with one another to find the parents as quickly as possible.

Another way to enhance the safety of eventgoers and the security standards is by implementing two-way radio accessories. Earpieces or surveillance kits are useful for covert communications and hearing one another even in loud crowds.

Operational Efficiency

Efficiency is always a priority for making sure those at the event are enjoying themselves. Although a carnival is not a traditional event where things like “hospitality” or “wait staff” is considered, people attending still want to get their money’s worth. Waiting for food or to get in at the event is never fun.

Radios can ease or prevent these backups by allowing the staff to communicate with one another about needing more ingredients or more staff members at a certain post. Therefore, portable radios can help improve the efficiency of the staff and the overall experience for the eventgoers.

Staff, especially those in management-like positions, could benefit from using a remote speaker microphones.  This feature can benefit those taking tickets but needing to respond to another staff member. Overall, radios help staff communicate faster.

Save Time and Money

Implementing two-way radios into your communication plan for your summer event can save you time and money. First, it can help reduce the number of staff members needed at the event because communication will be quick and runners will not be necessary.

Two-way radios are a long-term investment because they last a long time from the durability and design. Durability means that radios will not have to be replaced every season. Some event planners may expect workers to use their cell phones for communicating on the job.

Consequently, this is an expensive risk as the staff members could expect you to replace the phone if it gets damaged while on the job. Although a two-way radio may cost as much as a phone, it does not need to be replaced nearly as often.

Lastly, radios can be rented, and organizations can just purchase the preferred accessories. Renting is a great option for any event planners who are not sure what kind of radios they are looking for or how many they will need.

What to Consider when Choosing a Radio

When picking a two-way radio, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you will want to make sure your radio frequency band is compatible with the area where you are working. For instance, UHF is great for cities where there are large buildings, but VHF may be a better bet if you are in a large field. Additionally, make sure the radio has sufficient range to cover the entire working area.

Next, you will want to opt for license-free radios, so you do not have to worry about all employees applying for a license to operate the radios. Lastly, look for any special features that may come in handy for your event. Some portable radios and a variety of accessories come with noise reduction, voice activation, and battery life indicators. These features can all be useful when managing large crowds.

What Accessories are Recommended for this Situation

Two-way radio accessories can truly enhance the communication abilities of fairground staff. Earpieces, hearing protection, boom microphones, belt clips, and cases are just a few of the useful options. Earpieces can help workers hear communication over loud noises and hearing protection can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss for those working around the carnival equipment.

Boom microphones will be useful for anyone working around large equipment because the microphones are designed to block out environmental noise and only pick up and transmit conversational tones.

Lastly, belt clips and cases are a must for protecting your investments. These accessories will ensure that your radios can be used for events years down the road and still be working like brand new.


Implementing two-way radios and paired accessories into your summer event’s communication plan is imperative to running an efficient, safe, and fun event. With technology like surveillance kits and PTT, security officials can work alongside event staff and local police to keep all eventgoers safe.

Two-way radios not only keep everyone safe, but they can also help the event staff have better work experiences. Clear and consistent communication only improves a workplace environment.

If you need advice on what accessories to purchase for your event, or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our communication experts.


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DEANNA PARENTI is a Marketing Copywriter at Waveband Communications. With her experience in critical communications, she helped safety clients enhance their team communication through the help of two-way accessories.

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