We recommend considering the following when selecting the best mobile antenna for your specific application.

1. What frequency or frequencies do you need to be able to operate in?

We have included a quick frequency guide below you should consider when selecting your antenna.

VHF (Very High Frequency) at 136-174 MHz

VHF Antennas are best Suited for outdoor applications where the maximum range is required with little to no obstructions and typically used for rural two-way radio systems.

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) at 403-470 MHz

UHF Antennas are best suited for indoor applications or environments with obstructions and typically used for the city two-way radio systems.

700/800/900 MHz Frequency range 

700/800 antennas are best suited for organizations that need excellent in-building coverage. This band is typically used by public safety in compliance with P25 devices, reserved for police, firefighters, and EMS.

Ham Radio Antenna Frequency range 1.8 Mhz to 440 MHZ.

Best Suited For Ham Radio/Amateur Radio Users and range within 1.8 Mhz to 440 Mhz.

Multi-band Mobile Antenna

Multiband mobile antennas are used for 3G/4G (LTE), Wifi, GPS, ISM and other technologies. These antennas operate on multiple frequencies.

2. What type of NMO Mount do you need?

You need to consider the following when selecting the right NMO Mount for your mobile antenna.

A. What size mount do you need we carry a wide variety of sizes which you can find below:

NMO 3/4 High-Frequency Mounts
NMO High-Frequency Mounts
NMO High-Frequency Magnetic Mounts
NMO 3/4 Standard Mounts
NMO 3/8 Thick Mounts
LM Mounts
Ham Radio Mounts

B. What type of connector do you need? Below we have included a list of popular NMO connector types. 

NMO No Connector
FME male
N Male installed
FME crimp
Mini UHF
FME Female

NMO no-connector antenna

3. Do you have a color preference for your NMO Mount or Mobile Antenna?

Below we have included a list of mobile antennas by color. 

Chrome Mobile Antenna

Black Mobile Antenna

White Mobile Antenna

If you need assistance with customization or need more information about the mounts/antennas we can provide call us at 800-991-4569 or email us at sales@firstsourcewireless.com. One of our radio experts will be happy to assist.

TAYLOR THOMAS is a Marketing Manager at First Source Wireless. With her experience in critical communications, she helped public safety professionals enhance their communication through the help of two-way radios and headsets.

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