The 3M Peltor Comtac VI and the Ops Core AMP Headsets are two of the most popular military and law enforcement headsets on the market. Although they both provide hearing protection and communication capabilities, they are very different from each other in what they have to offer.

In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between the Comtac VI and Ops Core AMP headsets covering,

  • Styles and downleads
  • NFMI
  • Hearing Protection
  • Run Time
  • Colors
  • Boom Microphone
  • and the features of the Comtac V and Ops Core AMP

Styles and Downleads

The Ops Core AMP is available in a fixed or connectorized version. Everything is the same in these headsets except for the downlead.

In the fixed version, the downlead is permanently attached to the headset and cannot be removed. While on the connectorized version, the quick release downlead is removable so you can use the headset even when not using comms. The downlead can be set up on left or right for single comm configuration, or both sides for dual comm configuration (additional lead required).

On the Comtac VI, the downlead is not removable. The Comtac VI is available in either Single Comm, Dual Comm, or Hearing Defender.

The single comm has one downlead for connection to a two-way radio or other comms equipment, the dual comm has two downleads for connection to two communication devices at a time, and the hearing defender has no comms capabilities.

The hearing defender is good for users who do not want to connect to a radio but still need to listen to communication and need hearing protection. This is great for soldiers in helicopters and shooting range instructors.

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In both the fixed and connectorized version of the AMP, you have the choice between the standard and the NFMI (Near Field Magnetic Induction) enabled headset. The NFMI enabled headset pairs with NFMI earplugs and gives you double hearing protection and increases the noise reduction rating to 34 db.

Note: NFMI earplugs can only be used on an NFMI enabled headset. You cannot use the earplugs on the standard version.

NFMI earplugs filter audio from hear-through and comms directly into your ear. It does not have wires or require a battery and is failsafe and will continue to work even if the battery of the headset is completely drained.


Hearing Protection

Noise reduction ratings (NRR) are a measurement that shows you how efficient your hearing protection device is at reducing loud noise exposure. Wearing headsets with a good amount of NRR is important in protecting yourself from hearing loss, especially in the military.

The NRR for the standard Ops Core helmet without NFMI is 22 dB. As mentioned before when pairing the headset with NFMI earplugs, it raises the NRR to 34 dB.

In the Comtac VI, the noise reduction rating is 23 dB. You can pair the Comtac VI with E-A-R Classic Earplugs for an improved NRR of 34 dB.


Run Time

The average run time of the Ops Core AMP is 120 hours and 80 hours if NFMI is engaged. The Comtac VI lasts up to 50 hours. Both are used with AAA batteries.



The headsets are available in a variety of colors that are designed to match the appearance of uniforms.

Ops Core AMP Comtac VI
Tan 499 Coyote Brown
Foliage Green O.D. Green
Black Black (SwatTac)
Urban Gray


The AMP has a Camo Skin Set that are stickers you place on your headset and offer Multicam, Multicam Tropic, Multicam Black, and Multicam Alpine colors.

Ops Core AMP Camo Skins

Boom Microphone

The boom microphone on the Ops Core AMP is noise-canceling and cancels out background noise for clear communication. You can remove this boom microphone pretty easily and switch it between the left or right earcup or remove it entirely.

The boom microphone on the Comtac VI offers the same noise-canceling capabilities to cancel out loud background noise keeping your voice heard. Unlike the AMP, this boom mic is fixed onto the headset and cannot be removed and isn’t easily flexible.


Features of the Comtac VI

Some cool features in the Comtac VI include Mission Audio Profiles (MAP) and Natural Interactive Behavior (NIB).

The Peltor Comtac Mission Audio Profiles provide up to 5 advanced listening modes and are designed for a variety of combat operations and environments.

  1. Observation: For standing and sitting still
  2. Patrol: Limits the sound of footsteps, grass, and moving equipment
  3. Conversation: Lowers outside frequencies outside of average speech volume
  4. Comfort: Used for when you’re in noise for long periods such as a vehicle
  5. Mic Off: Turn off the environmental listening features without powering off the headset

The Natural Interactive Behavior (NIB) automatically connects headsets when you’re within a 5 to 10m radius of one another. This NIB feature allows for 4 team members to speak simultaneously and have over 60 people listening.

3M Peltor Comtac VI

Features of the Ops Core AMP

Some unique features on the Ops Core AMP are the ergonomic headband, switch NFMI on and off, and RAC system to fold the headset behind your head.

The ergonomic headband uses VELCRO fastening that lets you easily remove and reconfigure the headband. Most other headsets are a lot harder to remove and often time require tools and cutting.

If you purchase the NFMI enabled headset, you have the option to toggle between using the NFMI earplugs for double hearing protection and a standard headset (without NFMI) with the press of a button.

The ARC Helmet Rails let you use the headset while wearing an Ops Core ballistic helmet. When not using the headset, you can easily stow the helmet on the side or rear. The way the ARC rails are positioned leaves the top portion of the helmet-free for additional accessories like Night Vision Goggles.

The Ops Core AMP Helmet Rails are available in 4 colors that match your headset: Tan 499, Foliage Green, Black, and Urban Gray.

Ops Core AMP Headset

Hopefully, this helped you get a better idea of the features both the Ops Core AMP and the Comtac VI has to offer. Both offer enhanced hearing protection and situational awareness and are designed with the modern warfighter in mind.

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