With only a few simple steps you can turn your Comtac V hearing defender into a fully functioning communication

How to Turn Your Comtac Hearing Defender into a Communications Headset

ns headset. It only requires 3 parts and a two-way radio system to turn your Comtac Hearing Defender into a communications headset.

Important: Before we begin, if you have a Comtac VI (6) Hearing Defender you will not be able to convert the headset to a comms headset. This configuration will only available for the Comtac V (5) Hearing Defender.

Required Items:

Follow the steps below to turn your Comtac V Hearing Defender into a communication headset!

  1. Gather all your materials
  2. Connect boom microphone
  3. Attachthe adapter cable
  4. Connect to your push to talk and two-way radio

1. Gather Your Materials

The first step is gathering all of the accessories. In addition to your Comtac Hearing Defender, you will need the following:

  • Boom microphone- This is a mic attached to a boom which can be repositioned in front of or next to the user’s mouth. A boom microphone is necessary for an effective communications headset because it will provide the best quality sound possible.
  • Down Lead Cable- This is used to connect the Comtac to a push-to-talk system and radio. Without a down lead cable the Comtac hearing defender would not be able to turn into a functioning communications headset.
  • Push-to-talk adaptor- This is the piece that allows the user to have a conversation through the two-way radio.
  • Two-way radio- The type of radio is up to you as the user.


How to Convert Comtac V Hearing Defender to Communication Headset

2. Connect Boom Microphone to Headset

The next step is to connect your choice of boom microphone.

  • MT73/1- 3M™ PELTOR™ Standard boom microphone dynamic, Water resistant, 80mm cable
  • MT73-05- 3M™ PELTOR™ Standard boom microphone dynamic, Water resistant,140mm cable
  • MT33/1- 3M™ PELTOR™ Flex boom microphone dynamic, Water resistant,130mm cable
  • MT33-05R- 3M™ PELTOR™ Flex boom microphone dynamic, Water resistant,180mm cable, and noise canceling

Start by taking off the rubber piece found on the end of the guide arm (shown below). This should be on your right earcup. This may take some pressure to loosen so use a tool if needed.

Comtac V Hearing Defender Conversion to Comms

Next, take your boom mics listed. On the end of the boom mic you will see two holes/ports. Use the larger of the two holes and connect it to piece found under the rubber you just removed.

Boom microphone connect to the Comtac V headset

Now your mic is attached and should look like the image below. Make sure the microphone is fully secured and in the best position for picking up your voice.

Boom Microphone to Comtac V hearing defender

3. Attach Left Adapter Cable to Back of Headset

After attaching the boom mic, the down lead cable needs to be inserted into your Comtac.

Below is the down lead cable options that is compatible with the Comtac Hearing Defender available on First Source Wireless.

  • FL6AF ADAPTER CABLE COMTAC Left Side: This cable will mount the boom microphone on the left ear cup

The connection port for the down lead cable to your Comtac will be on the back of the headset. One side of the cable goes in the headset and the other end to the boom microphone.

Take the 2-Pin plug on your adaptor cable and plug it into the left side port found on the back of your headset, shown below.

Adapter Cable Plugged into Comtac V

Next, find the boom microphone and grab the 2 Pin cable that is attached to it. You'll want to take the 2 pin cable on the microphone and connect it to the remaining piece on your adapter cable. This piece has two holes that the microphone plug will insert into.

Full set up of hearing defender into a comms headset

4. Connect to the PTT and Two-Way Radio

The last step for turning your Comtac Hearing Defender into a communications headset is connecting to your communication source—the push-to-talk (PTT) and two-way radio system.

Connect the NATO end jack of the down lead cable to your push-to-talk adaptor. The PTT system is user dependent. Next, connect your PTT to your choice of two-way radio.

Converting Comtac V Hearing Defender to Comms


You have officially transformed your Comtac Hearing Defender into a communications headset. We hope this article was helpful! Have any further questions on how to do this process? Leave them in the comments below.


DEANNA PARENTI is a Marketing Copywriter at Waveband Communications. With her experience in critical communications, she helps public safety clients enhance their team communications during everyday work and emergencies.

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Pat V

Pat V

Will this work with Comtac III’s? I’ve recently found out that I will need communication capabilities, and if I could use my Comtac III’s it would save me a large amount of money.

Thanks for this article you did a great job and it was super helpful!

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