Multiband antennas are a useful tool for any professional who is on the road and connected to the critical communications community. These specific antennas have the ability to operate on multiple radio frequencies at once while also supporting coverage for other technologies.

An all in one antenna ca

All in One Multiband Antenna Review

n essentially multitask—it can support GPS, cellular connection, radio frequencies, and dualband Wi-Fi. To achieve this amount of coverage, typically users like police officers need a GPS antenna, LTE antenna, UHF antenna, etc. With multiband technology, there is no longer a need for three or more antenna ports on a single car; multiband antennas are “all in one”.

With only one unit or antenna supporting many different technologies, then there will only be one piece to install. As a result, there is only one installation fee and one instance of damage—if any—which helps departments save money in two areas. Because multiband only requires one port, this makes resale of any police car much more valuable since there is less damage.

Moreover, with only one antenna doing the work for three or more, it is more discreet. Therefore, multiband technology can be considered a covert antenna. Covert is always great for any critical communications organization.

The “all in one” antennas are able to support pertinent technology like Toughbook computers, two-way radios, cellular devices, and navigation systems. Overall, multiband antennas are a great addition to any police vehicle. Read this article to determine which all in one antennas will work best for your unit.

Multiband Antenna Options:

Panorama Sharkee

Sharkee diagram

The Panorama Sharkee is an embedded antenna, also known as a multiband antenna. The GBPS Sharkee antenna is an all in one device that supports GPS, Wi-Fi, and LTE.

“Trusted by public safety, utilities, and transportation companies all over the world…”

As an embedded antenna, the Panorama Sharkee provides multiple functions whilst remaining discreet for covert operations—a great bonus for police officers who deem roof space a “premium”.

  • Features
    • OEM automotive style SharkFin housing
    • 4 separate antenna functions in a single unit
    • Covers 2G,3G,4G LTE Cellular
    • Dual-Band WiFi and GPS inside the sharkfin
    • Can be paired with a range of mobile radio whips
    • Sleek semi-covert styling

Pulse Antenna

The Pulse Larsen Shark-Fin Multiband Antenna is a great device. Because of this antennas ability to support 5G cellular alongside an IP67 rating, it can absolutely be considered an optimal all in one FBI antenna.

In addition to 5G support, the Pulse Larsen antenna also covers Wi-Fi and navigations. It is often used in tandem with Cradlepoint routers and modems. The Shark-Fin is more than an LTE antenna, it is also a covert antenna. Similar to other multiband antennas, this Pulse Larsen device is built to be small, sleek, and undetected.

  • Features
    • Vehicle roof mount, directly on metal plane.
    • 2x2 MiMo Cellular 5G-FR1 (4G compatible).
    • 3x3 MiMo WiFi, DSRC, V2X (WiFi-6E compatible)
    • Active GNSS L1+L2 with low noise 38dB amplifier.
    • Cable length and connector type per request.
    • Heavy and light vehicles.
    • IoT, navigation, tracking

To learn more about the Pulse Larsen Shark-Fin Antenna or make a purchase click below:

PCTEL antenna

The PCTEL Trooper Max Slender Sharkfin Antenna is a 5G cellular combination platform with a LMR option. This mobile antenna is so much more—it can support LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, and an optional UHF whip making it a multiband antenna.

This all in one antenna is different from the other antennas in this article because it has two-way radio support as an add-on rather than a built-in. To gain two-way radio support with the Trooper Max Slender Sharkfin, the buyer will need to add on a UHF antenna whip to enable LMR band coverage.

The PCTEL antenna can be used with and for FirstNet making it a great option for first responders like firefighters, EMTs, and police officers. This antenna can also be used for intelligent transportation, high precision tracking, and asset management. Lastly, the Sharkfin is IP67 rated making it extremely durable.

  • Features
    • No tune, multi-band coverage – Dual LTE, 802.11ax WiFi 6E, optional UHF whip, and GPS L1/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou constellations
    • Covers WiFi 6E frequency ranges
    • Metal 5/8-inch stud mount – Provides single cable exit for installation ease
    • IP67 compliant design – Maximum protection against water or dust ingress under severe environmental conditions
    • Rugged, aerodynamic, and UV resistant black radome with slender sharkfin form factor – Supports demanding aesthetic requirements

Antenna Prices:

Covert antennas are not a small investment; however, that is simply because they provide a large return.



Panorama Sharkee


Pulse Larsen Shark-Fin Multiband Antenna


PCTEL Trooper Max Slender Sharkfin



An embedded antenna or a multiband antenna is a much smaller expense than typical antennas for first responder vehicles. Learn more in the next section.


The pros of all in one antennas are numerous—however the most significant positive is financial. By only having one antenna doing the work of several, there is less installation. Not only does this lower the cost of installation, it also demands less time.

Another pro for multiband antennas is they minimize space taken up on a vehicles roof. As stated before, less damage to the roof of a car maintains a higher resale price. Moreover, first responder vehicles such as police cars use a lot of technology on the roofs.

For instance, the well known red and blue lights are mounted on the roof, alongside new cameras, and more leaving little room for antennas. Therefore, if they can be consolidated, the better for the roof of any vehicle.


Because all in one antennas are created around the basis that many antenna functions are combined into a single housing, some believe corners are “cut”. With one antenna doing the work of four or more, sometimes there can be a lag time that is not experienced with singular antennas.

Another possible con to the multiband antennas is if the antenna breaks while on the job, all of your technology is at risk for not being able to communicate. Nevertheless, most multiband antennas are made with IP67 rating making them very durable.


Cables and Connectors:

Throughout this article, we have been referring to multiband antennas as the “all in one” device. This statement is true; however, that does not mean that the installation of these devices does not require additional technology. Cables and connectors are needed to install multiband antennas on any vehicle.

For instance, if the user wants to make use of the GPS function of the multiband antenna, then they will need a cable and connector to run to the GPS device. The GPS connectors that are commonly used with all in one antennas are listed below:

Cables are then used to cover the distance between the antenna and the GPS device. The cables vary in lengths between 12-35 feet.

Another instance when connectors and cables are needed for multiband antennas is when an optional Whip antenna is attached. As prefaced before, whip antennas are used to enhance Wi-Fi and UHF connections and tend to be paired with two-way radios and toughbooks. Typical connectors for Wi-Fi, UHF, and ETC include:


Each one of the multiband antennas listed above can benefit any company or organization that uses car antennas because they impact the value of the vehicle the least. Having one antenna or unit doing the work for many makes maintenance much easier and keeps the car lower profile. Lastly, multiband antennas are more affordable because of the lower installation fees, only buying one unit over several, and a higher vehicle resale price.

We hope this article gave you the necessary information to gain a better understanding of the benefits of multiband antennas and the best options available.

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