The widely used TEP 100 has some of the most advanced technical features to protect your hearing. Watch as Cody talks about the features of the 3M Peltor TEP 100 earplugs in more detail. A video transcript is available below.

Video Transcript

I'm Cody with First Source Wireless. Today, we're going to discuss the TEP 100 earplugs from 3M.

TEP 100 by 3M Peltor

Hands down these are one of my favorite products as far as the 3M Peltor line goes. This is primarily because of its versatility. Not only does it still boast the 23-decibel noise reduction rating that we've come to know and love but its a fraction of the size of most hearing protections you see on the market. 

In fact, it's almost the same size as a regular phone earplug meaning that it's perfect for any type of situation. 

I personally have used them in a shooting range scenario, they're an absolute must-have for anybody in recreational shooting, law enforcement, or the military. 

The earplugs are also going to provide noise amplification and have two different modes, normal listening mode, and high listening mode. The high listening mode is going to give you an enhanced sense of situational awareness, amplifying the noises around you. 

The earplugs come in a protective case but it also serves as a charger for your ear units. Simply snap your earplugs back into place. You can test to see whether they're charging or the status of the battery life by pressing the indicator button above the earplugs on the top right (pictured below). The two lights, one above and one below will let you know where along the charging process your earplugs are.

Charging your TEP 100

The protective charging case is powered by 3 AAA batteries. The TEP 100 also comes with three different ear inserts for ease of use and comfort no matter what size ear you have. It also comes with a dangle (pictured below) for hearing protection retention so your earplugs stay with you and in your ear to hold accountability of your earpieces. 

Dangle Strap to Hold TEP 100

We made significant investments in stocking these high demanding items. We'd love for you to give us a call today to talk more about hearing protection.

Have more questions or comments on the 3M TEP 100? Comment below and we will be sure to respond.

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