Bren-Tronics Wall Plug Charger

Bren-TronicsSKU: BTC-70810-1

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Works with the following to charge AN/PRC-148 and AN/PRC-152 batteries:

  • BTP-70810-USB1*
  • BTP-70810-USB3*
  • BTP-70810-SOCH*

• The BTC-70810-1 is a lithium-ion battery charger.

• Working with a BTP-70810-USB1 and USB3, it specifically charges AN/PRC-148/152 batteries.

• Accepts universal AC input voltages (100VAC - 240VAC).

• Outputs maximum of 1.5A during constant current phase of charging.

• Incorporates short-circuit protection.

• LED indicator shows operating status.

• Adapter plugs included to allow convenient operation in many countries:USA, UK, AUS, EUR.

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