Intercom systems are a necessary tool for proper communication between firefighters during a response situation. These devices and systems create ease of communication by targeting problems firefighters experience—like high noise, lack of connection, bulky technology—and then finding direct solutions.

In this article, we will discuss four different popular intercom systems that were made specifically for firefighters. We will cover the Series 3800 by David Clark, 4-User Configuration by Firecom, 6-User Configuration by Firecom, and LiberatorMAX by Setcom.

Keep reading to learn details about each system including the features, price, and information about the manufacturer.

Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System

The Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System is designed with first responders in mind. David Clark—the manufacturer—created the Series 3800 to solve the issues that arise when communicating in high noise environments.


Because the Series 3800 was designed for emergencies, it is rugged and serviceable. The system is manufactured with rugged, heavy gauge, polycarbonate (-80oF--+212oF) housings with integral mounting feet. David Clark purposefully made the 3800 to be used in severe weather if necessary.

This system is also made to reduce costly downtime or module replacement. As we know in the critical communications community, downtime during communications can be dangerous during emergency responses.

The Series 3800 is used by thousands of emergency response departments across the country and is renowned for its versatility. This system is accommodating because it can support most vehicle and system design requirements.

David Clark made the Series 3800 to be installed on fire apparatus’, ambulances, rescue boats, utility vehicles, and construction vehicles. Therefore, it is a perfect intercom system for fire responders.


The David Clark Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System is priced at $350+. This is a reasonable and low price for departments that have small teams or are looking for a system that is easy to use and very durable.

Manufacturer Background:

David Clark is a reputable company in the critical communications and emergency response communities. The company was founded in 1935—today David Clark has been a thriving manufacturer for almost a century.

Even as a new company, David Clark was one of the main contributors to work on and develop the first pressure suits for space. This impressive feat happened in 1956 in preparation for walking on the moon.

David Clark then expanded the company expertise by designing their first intercom headset specifically for fire/rescue teams in the early 1980s. Not only does David Clark have over 40 years of experience in the emergency communications industry, they also have almost a century of innovation.

4-User Wireless Configuration By Firecom

The 4-User Wireless Configuration by Firecom is a different type of intercom system compared to the David Clark Series 3800. The 4-user configuration is meant to connect the driver, officer, and two rear crew seat members.


This wireless configuration by Firecom is made up of five different types of equipment and six pieces. Each unit works together to form an intercom system.

The first person to consider in this configuration is the driver. The driver uses an under-the-helmet headset (the DECT7 Wireless headset) that has radio transmission. The headset is made to be weatherproof and rugged. It provides hearing protection at a 24dB NRR. With a 24-hour battery life, any driver can be confident that their headset can last a full day on the job.

The officer’s headset is the same design as the DECT7 headset. The biggest difference is the officer’s headset is convertible. This term refers to when a headset band can be worn in different ways. For instance, this DECT7 headset can be worn over or behind the head.

The two crew members in this configuration use an intercom-only under-helmet DECT7 wireless headset. These headsets are weatherproof and offer hearing protection just like the above variations. The DECT7 series headsets are easy to use even though they have high tech features.

In addition to headsets, this configuration also has a base station and digital intercom. The base station is the DECT7 wireless base station 5-person radio transmit. This base station can connect to 5 wireless headsets for crew communications. It has a 1600 feet line-of-sight range and supports wideband audio. It also features a dual-antenna design and two-channel system.

A digital intercom allows users to simulcast interoperability with mutual aid radios. In this configuration, the 5000D Series Digital Intercom is used. This intercom system can support four radios which is why this is only a four-person configuration. It also has four AUX ports for different technologies including cell phones.


This four-person wireless configuration by Firecom can come with a hefty price tag if a department needs to get all the equipment in one order. Below is the breakdown of the total price of over $5,000.

  • Driver’s headset--$900+
  • Officer’s headset--$900+
  • Crew headsets--$900+ each
  • Base Station--$945+
  • Digital Intercom--$1500+

Manufacturer Background:

Firecom is a company that specializes in designing and creating technology specifically for firefighters and emergency responders. In 1989 the company began the path of major success in supplying leading technology in the critical communications community.

A great example of Firecom’s ingenuity if their invention of the first completely wireless headset with “no external antennas or wires that reduce reliability and inhibit firefighter mobility”. Not only does Firecom create cutting edge technology, but the company also works to target and solve major communication obstacles firefighters and other first responders combat.

6-User Wireless Configuration by Firecom

The 6-person wireless configuration is also made by Firecom like the four-person version. In this configuration, there is a driver, officer, and four crew members.


The 6-user wireless configuration is made up of the same components as its 4-user counterpart aside from two more intercom only under-helmet DECT7 headsets. This configuration can be great for a larger team in the truck. Moreover, it can be great to have extra intercom-only headsets on hand for large response situations for responders who do not have a headset.

The more consistent and clear communication during an emergency response, the better the outcome.

To learn more about the individual products follow the links below:


With the additional two headsets, the total cost of the 6-user wireless configuration will be around $7,000.

Manufacturer Background:

As stated above, Firecom is a great company with an indisputable reputation in the firefighting community. The team at Firecom understands that different organizations have different communications needs and budgets. Therefore, they offer custom solutions. To learn more about this option, contact Firecom here.


Setcom is a company that caters to several different industries including firefighters, police officers, EMS, industrial, towing, and more. The LiberatorMAX is the best communication system for those in the fire industry.


The LiberatorMAX has a variety of great features specifically for those in firetrucks. For instance, this Setcom system works with any department’s two-way radio system “to maintain transmissions with dispatch while engaging in a fire attack”. Firefighters know the importance of live communication during active fires.

The LiberatorMAX headset provides up to 23dB of noise reduction for hearing protection. This is a useful feature for those on the response team that are directly outside the truck and operating the loud machinery (the pump panel).

This headset also features a range of 1,500 feet which is helpful, so firefighters do not have to be tethered to the vehicle to get full and clear communications. It also has portable radio integration which allows a firefighter to communicate over 2 radio channels at one time.

Setcom also makes their technology in a way that is conscious of government departments and smaller community fire stations having smaller budgets than other response teams. As a result, Setcom makes repairable parts for the LiberatorMAX. This decision decreases the lifetime cost of the headset and has a fast repair time.

The LiberatorMAX was made specifically for firefighters to ensure they have clear and consistent communications during active fires and other rescue response situations.


The LiberatorMAX can range anywhere from $750-$1,000+.

Manufacturer Background:

Setcom has had a great reputation in the critical communications industry for the last 45 years. The company’s technology works well at solving communication problems for those in a variety of professions by listening to individuals in their respective fields.

By listening to feedback and leveraging the insights provided, Setcom can “craft solutions that enhance their safety, effectiveness, and overall performance”. Public safety professionals in all 50 U.S. states and over 20 countries employ the use of Setcom technologies.

Setcom is clearly a trusted choice for firefighters and police officers looking to ensure top-notch communication when on the job.


We hope this article provided the details and information necessary to determine what intercom system is best for your organization and department.

DEANNA PARENTI is a Marketing Copywriter at Waveband Communications. With her experience in critical communications, she helped safety clients enhance their team communication through the help of two-way accessories.

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