Motorola has long been the leader of two-way radios since the beginning. Motorola is continuously developing new series of radios used throughout thousands of departments.

When shopping for two-way radios it’s important to compare devices to make sure you’re getting the best choice possible. Each radio has different features, pricing, and performance.

A popular choice for two-way radios that is simple and affordable is the Motorola CP200d radio. Often when shopping for radios, people compare the CP200d to the Motorola TRBO radios.

Motorola TRBO radios can be any that are Motorola XPR such as the XPR 7000 and the XPR 3000 series, or SL, EX, and TLK. Mototrbo radios are designed for business, industrial, and commercial use, providing two-way radio functionality in a versatile and advanced technology.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the differences in the CP200d compared to other radios in the Mototrbo series like the XPR7550, and XPR3300.

  • Price
  • Features
  • Design
  • Specification


Let’s knock pricing out because that’s usually the deciding factor in which radios you supply to your team.

Motorola CP200d and Mototrbo radios are noticeably on the cheaper side compared to higher-end Motorola radios. The price difference is part to do with Motorola creating radio for businesses and organizations that might not want to break the bank but still want everyone connected.

The Motorola CP200d goes for around $400 which includes an OEM antenna, battery, and belt clip.

On the other end, the Motorola XPR 7550 costs around $1,375 and includes a battery, belt clip, UHF antenna, and charger.

Additional accessories and replacement parts are available for two-way radios. You can find OEM comparable accessories at lower prices than the original manufacture and with the same quality from companies such as Waveband Communications.

The difference in price in price between these two is due to the fact the XPR 7550 is more advanced features and has a full in-color display.

We’ll go over all the features of each radio now.


Best Feature


The great thing about the CP200 is it's specifically designed with features for every scenario a business or security team might face. It has just what you need to keep businesses connected.

The AGC (Automatic Gain Control) feature automatically boosts transmitting volume when speaking softly so they are heard clearly on the receiving end. The radio also has noise-canceling speakers to keep you heard in loud environments.


The XPR3000 series radios are a bit more advanced compared to the CP200d. This radio has Bluetooth capabilities, a better waterproof rating, and enhanced audio.

A nice feature of this radio is the over-the-air software updates that let you control and update your fleet through integrated Wi-Fi.

Lastly, this radio is all about safety. You can activate the radio remotely and check the status of team members if they are nonresponsive and ensuring they are safe.


This might be the most advanced out of the XPR series. This radio has the latest Bluetooth system and integrated Wi-Fi. Compared to the other 2 radios, this radio is the best out of battery life, range, and waterproof rating.

The best feature of the XPR7550 is the built-in WAVE OnCloud that connects your team and keeps you supported with Wi-Fi even if you leave your coverage area.

Find out more about WAVE OnCloud.




  • No Keypad/Display
  • 0x2.4x1.7
  • 3 oz weight
  • No emergency button


  • No Keypad/Display
  • 8 x 2.2 x 1.4
  • 9 oz weight
  • No emergency button

XPR 7550

  • Full, in color display
  • 1 x 2.2 x 1.4 in
  • 11 oz weight
  • Has emergency button



Below are the specifications of the CP200d, XPR3300, and XPR7550.

CP200d XPR3300 XPR7550
Frequency Band

VHF 136-174 Mhz

UHF 403-470 Mhz



16 1000
Ingress Protection Rating


IP67 IP68
Battery Life

14.5-18.5 hours

11.5-16 hours (slim battery, 1600 mah) 21-22 hours (slim battery, 2250 mah)

Digital/Analog and Analog Only*

Digital/Analog Digital/Analog


*The CP200 comes in both digital/analog or analog only. Digital/Analog radio gives you the benefits of digital like better voice, range, and battery life but still allows you to be compatible with your existing fleet until you’re ready to migrate to the latest tech. If purchasing only analog you can switch later to digital when your team is ready. A software upgrade is available for purchase through Motorola Solutions.

Which is the best?

After comparing the CP200d radio to the other Mototrbo radios, you can see the radio is cheaper but that does not mean you're compromising on its great features. It may not have all the bells and whistles as the others, but it's got just enough for businesses, hotels, security, industrial, and manufacturing workers who are looking for an inexpensive way to improve their communication.

The newer XPR series radios are going to have more advanced features. This is because communication is changing, and manufacturers are incorporating these advancements into their radios.


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