3M Peltor has been making headsets for law enforcement and military members for many years. The Comtac III headset has i3m peltor

mproved situational awareness and hearing protection. Watch as Cody talks about the features of the headset in more detail. 

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Video Transcript

I'm Cody with First Source Wireless and today we're going to be demonstrating the Comtac III headset from 3M.

This particular model is featured in Coyote Brown however they do give you the option of Black, Foliage Green, and Olive Drab Green. This headset is one of the most sought-after items for our nation's Special Forces and Law Enforcement throughout the country. It's the perfect combination of both hearing protection and situational awareness.

Comtac III Headset with Situational Awareness

It has two environmental microphones featured on each side of the headset. This is going to amplify any noise greater than 23 decibels which allow you and your team the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. 

These headsets are available in dual and single lead comms. We found that oftentimes the most specialized units are the ones that are seeking the dual lead or anyone who needs to switch back and forth between radio channels quickly. It also features a push to talk adapter (sold separately) with a large body PTT. This is great for anyone wearing tactical gloves while using this setup. (Pictured Below)

PTT Adapter for Comtac III

The microphone itself is adjustable and can be fitted on either side of the headset allowing ease of use for both left and right-handed shooters. The headset is powered by 2 AAA batteries, one on each ear cup, giving you a 500-hour runtime.

Our company has made significant investments in the 3M Comtac headsets so we can deliver it to you as quickly as possible. Have any questions on the Comtac III headset? Give us a call today.

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