Ops-Core introduced the FAST RF1 High Cut Helmet System, the newest generation of ballistic protection helmets. Part of the FAST family, this helmet offers an innovative design and threat protection compared to any other helmet in its family.

For years Ops-Core researched and developed ways for the FAST RF1 to feature the same innovative design while making it the lightest and most protective helmet to market.

What are the features of the new helmet system? How does it compare to other FAST helmets? We’re going to dive into all the improvements and features the FAST RF1 has to offer.

  • Weight
  • Cut
  • Protection
  • Price
  • Integrations
  • Other features

Ops Core FAST RF1 Helmet


The FAST RF1 Helmet weighs an average of 3.5 lbs. making it the lightest helmet system.

Here’s the weight breakdown per size.

Size Weight
Medium 3.32 lbs
Large 3.51 lbs
X-Large 3.85 lbs
XX-Large 4.11 lbs



The ear cut is 16mm higher than the FAST XP High Cut Helmet. This higher-cut makes it easier and more comfortable when wearing the helmet with a headset like the OPS Core AMP.



The shell thickness on the Fast RF1 is .400” (10.16mm) and offers protection from 7.62x39mm projectiles, making this the first helmet to offer this level of protection without using a ballistic applique.

The ballistic shell is made up of a hybrid composite with Carbon, Unidirectional Polyethylene, and women Aramid.

Compared to the Fast SF helmet with .220” (5.58mm) thickness, the RF1 is the thickest.


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The helmet is at a hefty price tag of around $3,250. Compared to other systems, this is the most expensive.

 FAST helmet 


The RF1 helmet integrates with situational awareness, optics, and respiratory protection including Step-In Visor, AMP Communications headset, and FAST mandibles.

Other features

Just like in the other FAST helmets, you still have EEP liners (expanded polypropylene) for impact protection and molded in-vents that allow airflow which reduces heat stress.

You’ll also have the same lightweight MBS (Modular Bungee Shroud) that helps reduce snag hazards and interference. The Integrated carabiner clips improve NVG retention, stability, and don’t interfere when using rail-mounted accessories.

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After years of research and development, Ops-Core continues to offer ballistic protection to today's warfighters. The new Ops-Core FAST RF1 helmet is the lightest and most protective on the market today while still offering the same features from before.

Interested in purchasing an Ops-Core FAST RF1 helmet or want to learn more, First Source Wireless offers a line of Ops-Core helmets, communication headsets, and accessories. Shop around our website or contact a sales representative to talk about the right solutions for you.


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