Watch as we unbox the 3M Peltor LiteCom headset with a built-in two-way radio. Cody reviews the various filters and talks about what's included in the box. We also included a video transcript which can be found below.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Cody with First Source Wireless. Today, we're going to be discussing the LiteCom Pro headset from 3M.

When you receive your box the first thing you're going to notice is the headset itself. Next, you're going to find the replacement ear gels and foam pads. This will help improve the overall hygiene while using the headset. You also have microphone protective tape that will increase the longevity of the speaker microphone on your headset.

Next, we have the battery and battery charger. This particular model features an 1800 milliamp-hour lithium-ion battery which is removable from the headset.

Removable Battery on LiteCom Pro

Lastly, you're going to find your user manual. This is going to give you the best information as far as integrating your headset within your company.

One of the most sought after features of this headset is the 30 defined channels, the first 14 of which do not require an FCC license. This means you will be able to use and integrate your item with your company the same day you receive it. This headset is unique because of its fully integrated radio. 

Each LiteCom Headset has a clear line of sight range of 2 miles. Another feature is the 25-decibel noise reduction rating. This is going to help protect you in high noise environments from hearing damage. Hearing damage is one of the leading causes of disability among Americans. 

Another feature is the environmental microphones. These are going to amplify lower level noises giving you complete situational awareness as well as being able to communicate with your team members without having to shout in an industrial area. 

There is a push to talk button on the lower right ear cup. The headsets also voice-activated for when the use of hands is not a feasible option for you at the moment. 

Push to Talk Button on 3M LiteCom Pro Headset

The headband itself is removable and allows for an arch rail adapter which can be mounted to your hardhat allowing seamless integration to whatever type of construction operation that you have to power your unit. 

To power on your unit, hold the power button for five seconds. The audio prompt is going to let you know that the headset has been powered on. 

Power Button on LiteCom headset

Next, by pushing on the power button once, it'll cycle you though different cycle options such as volume, VOX, radio channel, and power output. When you've selected the appropriate one you can cycle through with the plus or minus keys and you will be able to change those outputs.

Our company has made significant investments as far as stocking these items that way we can deliver to you immediately. We'd love to help with any questions you may have by calling our knowledgable staff today, so you can learn more about how the Litecom Pro can help you.

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