Bren-Tronics was founded in 1973 by Leo Brenna. The company has always focused on batteries that power the military. From the early on designs to today's lithium ion engineered batteries, Bren-Tronics has worked to deliver "reliable power to in both military and industrial applications where failure is not an option"


Bren-Tronics began solely producing batteries. Today, they make both ruggedized batteries and chargers. The chargers are make for specific applications such as desktop, wall chargers, in-vehicle, and in combat. Check out below to see some great chargers and batteries from Bren-Tronics.


Brentronics dual desktop charger.jpg__PID:90902867-09b0-4ea3-97f4-1548c7e420b4

Dual Desktop AN/PRC-148 Charger

This dedicated MBITR (AN/PRC-148) battery desktop charger has a built in status of charge indicators and can charge one (1) to two (2) BT-70716Bx or the MBITR batteries with or without the radio. This low cost AC charger is low profile.

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Wall Plug Charger

A lithium ion battery charger that works to charge the below batteries:

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Bren dual desktop charger.jpg__PID:201c3146-2dcd-44cf-9d82-5fad3c6b9bbd

Dual Desktop AN/PRC-152 Charger

This dedicated AN/PRC-152 battery desktop charger has a built-in status of charge indicators and can charge one (1) to two (2) of the AN/PRC-152 batteries with or without the radio. This low-cost AC charger is low profile for easy desktop use. Also charges the AN/PRC-163 battery

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Soldier Portable Charger Lite, EU

Portable battery charger designed for field or depot use. Capable of charging up to four (4) batteries (depending on the adapter) simultaneously with easy to follow LED lighting sequence.

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VMC Lite Charger.jpg__PID:d026b6bd-8a99-487d-a63f-a8d981a2bc4a

Vehicle Mounted Charger (VMC Lite)

Portable battery charger designed for military vehicles. Specifically designed to withstand the rigors associated with operating within a moving vehicle.

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Wall Plug Charger

Works with the following to charge BT-70791xx batteries:
- BTP-70791-AC2
- BTP-70791-AC3

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BrenTronics Lithium Battery MBITR PRC-148, 7.0 AH.jpg__PID:eeec0d20-4c06-474a-b740-2d451e4e05fa

7.0 Ah MAX Power, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

This is the best AN/PRC-148 built battery today. Run time is over 40% improvement over the standard commo shop AN/PRC-148 battery. This is a perfect battery for military applications.

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If you need guidance choosing the right Bren-Tronics product for your application, please reach out to our team for our expertise.