UHF Two-Way Radios

What is UHF?

UHF or ultra high frequency is important for those who are communicating with any communications technology in closed off areas or with barriers. UHF waves  are shorter frequency so they can penetrate nearby barriers like walls, trees, etc. Because of the smaller frequency waves, UHF has a bigger bandwidth which leads to wider reception.  UHF radios are great for those who are planning to use their two-way radio for indoor applications. 

Industries using UHF

outside of an industrial plant with smoke
  • Building and Urban Construction
  • Manufacturing and Warehouses
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Hotel and Retail Stores
  • Educational Facilities
two men wearing vests working in a warehouse
Learn more about UHF & VHF

UHF Two-Way Radio Options

Motorola CP200d Portable Two-Way Radio

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Motorola XPR3300e

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XpressComm DMR Two-Way Radio

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