Team Wendy and Ops Core helmets are built to offer protection against ballistic impact from bullets, blunt impact, and debris. These helmets are typically worn by soldiers in combat environments.

Today, I’ll be comparing the Team Wendy EXFIL® Ballistic SL vs Ops Core FAST SF Super High Cut Ballistic Helmet. These two helmets are often compared to each other most when searching for a ballistic helmet.

We’ll compare the most important attributes of each helmet like weight, price, comfort, suspension, and retention, and size, which will help you decide which helmet is the right option for you.


Before we begin.

These two helmets are both great options for ballistic protection. This article is not intended to promote one over the other. We are simply stating what we have heard from users and the information provided to help you come down to your decision.

Oftentimes, we’ve heard that choosing between these two helmets comes down to personal preference and both are exceptional options.



If a ballistic helmet is too heavy, it can cause discomfort and fatigue, which in turn will make you not want to wear it. You may also be wearing it with a headset with arc rails or night vision goggles which can increase the weight.

The Team Wendy helmet weight is determined by its size. The medium (M) and large (L) size helmet weigh 2.6 lbs. and the extra-large (XL) weighs 2.75 lbs.

The Ops-Core helmet weighs 2.40 lbs. with the vented lux liner with OCC dial.

With that being said, the Ops Core helmet is slightly lighter than the Team Wendy helmet, the difference is minimal.



Ballistic helmets can range in price points depending on the manufacture, weight, and level of protection. You should expect to pay $800-$1,800 for a higher-end helmet with extra ballistic protection, higher cut, and lighter weight.

The Ops Core can go for around USD 1860 while the Team Wendy is available for USD 1545. If you’re looking for a cheaper option and don’t mind the weight difference, Team Wendy might be the option for you.



You want a comfortable helmet if it's going to be sitting on your head for long hours. I’ve heard mixed reviews on how comfortable one is versus the other.

A user from Reddit, states “the liner and padding system is more thought out [in the Team Wendy] than the Ops Core.”

The Team Wendy helmets have a Zorbium® Foam Liner with 16 customizable pads for two levels of thickness.

The Ops-Core helmets used Vented Lux Liner with one piece of full-coverage layer (either ¼”, ½” and ¾”)  for breathable comfort. Users have stated they have swapped out the padding for Ops Core 4D pads which they like even better.

The Ops Core airflow shell has in-vent holes for increased airflow and reduced heat stress which Team Wendy does not have.


Retention/ Suspension

Retention allows you to adjust your helmet positioning with one hand to stabilize the weight and pressure to keep your helmet properly in place.

Team Wendy uses the Boltless CAM Fit Retention System. Ops Core has the OCC Dial.

With the OCC you’ll turn the circle dial to adjust the suspension of your helmet.

Users have stated they like the Ops Core retention and suspension system more than Team Wendy. One user said if you mess up the retention on Team Wendy you will need to reset it while the Ops Core you’ll just dial back.

This is a preference for how you would like to adjust your helmet, both are good options.

 January 2022 Update: Ops Core is no longer offering the Worm Dial retention/suspension on its Fast SF Helmets to move towards the more comfortable Low Profile OCC Dial and Universal Fit band.


Wearing the right size helmet is important for stability and safety. If the helmet sits too low on the head, it can cause interference with eyewear. If the helmet sits too high you risk not getting the right level of protection. If the helmet is too loose, it becomes unstable and moves too much.

Proper fit is determined by measuring the circumference of your head.

Ops Core offers its helmet in 4 sizes that fit roughly any size head. You’ll see that Ops Core has more size options that will fit your head more securely if you find yourself in between sizes and want a better fit.

M: 20-7/8 to 22 inches

L: 22 to 23 ¼ inches

XL: 23 ¼ inches to 24 3/8 inches

XXL: 24 3/8 to 25 3/8 inches


The Team Wendy Exfil comes in 2 sizes.

M/L: 20.5 to 23.5 inches

XL: 23-24.75 inches


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Hopefully, this helped you understand the differences between the Ops Core FAST SF and the Team Wendy EXFIL SL Helmet. As I said, both options are the best the market has to offer for helmets. Deciding between the two is mostly personal preference and how you want your helmet to fit and the features that you would like to have in a helmet.

If you’re leaning towards the Ops Core FAST SF Helmet, find more information below.

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Let us know which one you prefer in the comments below!

Ops-Core Fast RF1 Helmet Overview

TAYLOR THOMAS is a Marketing Manager at First Source Wireless. With her experience in critical communications, she helped public safety professionals enhance their communication through the help of two-way radios and headsets.

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