The ComTac headset series are popular headsets used by military and law enforcement. They provide hearing protection, situational awareness and comfort to users during tactical situations.

3M released the newest headset to it's series, the ComTac VI. This headset is an upgraded version from it's previous, the Comtac V.

The Comtac VI headset has some technical improvements and features that cant are not available on the V.

Nick Hohman, Vice President of First Source Wireless, reviews the improvements of the Comtac VI in more detail and how it compares to the V.

New Features

The Comtac VI is equipped with new features that are not available on the Comtac V. These features include NIB Natural Interactive Behavior, additional accessories, and MAP Audio Profiles.

NIB Natural Interactive Behavior

This feature is available on all the Comtac VI hearing defender and communications headsets. This feature automatically connects up to 4 users when within 10 meters of one another and when background noise is detected at a high level (72 decibels or above). This feature also allows for up to 60 teammates to listen in on communications.

Additional Accessories

Included in the Comtac VI, are additional accessories that enhance the headset. This includes ARC rail attachments, spare ear gels, and boom mic replacements.

ARC rails come standard with the Comtac VI which allows the headset to be used with helmets. This process is done by removing the headband and attaching the ARC rails.

MAP Mission Audio Profiles

This new feature, mission audio profiles, improves the audio quality of your surroundings. It includes five distinct sound options, observation, patrol, conversation, comfort, and mic off.

Profile 1: Observation

When you are standing and sitting still, this audio profile has the highest volume and widest frequency to maximize hearing.

Profile 2: Patrol

High volume and limited high frequencies. This limits the sound of footsteps, grass, or moving equipment on a person.

Profile 3: Conversation

Maximize frequencies for face-to-face communication. This also lowers outside frequencies outside of the average speech volume.

Profile 4: Comfort

Used when in noise for a long period like when inside a vehicle. This is good for when environmental listening is not a priority and communication and comfort is. This profile has low volume and narrow frequencies.

Profile 5: Mic Off

In this newest headset, you are now able to turn off the environmental listening feature without the need to power down the headset. This is a good idea in high noise environments where you don’t need the outside sound to help with communication.

First Source Wireless is an authorized dealer of 3M Peltor tacitcal headsets and accessories. For over 20 years, First Source Wireless has provided critical communication equipment to public safety, law enforcement, and communication professionals across the world. Interested in purchasing a 3M Peltor headset? Visit our collection or call 800-991-4569 to find the right solution.

TAYLOR THOMAS is a Marketing Manager at First Source Wireless. With her experience in critical communications, she helped public safety professionals enhance their communication through the help of two-way radios and headsets.

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