Ops Core AMP Communication Headset - Connectorized

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OPS CORESKU: N101153-01-0000

Color: Tan 499
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What's Included:

  • Ops Core AMP Connectorized Headset
  • 1 Quick Disconnect Removeable Downlead (U174 Connector).
  • 1 NFMI Earplugs (Only when choosing the NFMI Enabled Configuration).

Protect your ears with Enhanced NFMI technology providing an EPA noise reduction rating of 34 decibels.

Ops-Core Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) earplugs provide increased noise reduction while maintaining clear communication and 3D Hear-Through, when used with NFMI enabled Ops-Core headsets. Earplugs are included when you purchase the NFMI enabled headset.


  • 1 quick-release removable downlead connection (U174 connector). Additional Ops Core Downlead cable availabe for purchase.
  • World-Class Audio Quality
  • 3D Hear-Through Technology
  • Mission Configurable Capability
    • Ergonomic Headband
    • Quick Change Rail Mount Kit (sold separately)
  • Quick Release Download Connections
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Integrated Microphone Mounting and Connection Point
  • Ergonomic Earseals
  • Auto Shutdown
  • Fail-Safe Communications
  • Camo Skin Sets (sold separately)
  • The boom mic is removable so the headset can be used by left or right-handed shooters. 

Improve your team's tactical communications with 3d hear-through technology providing total situational awareness.


  • Noise Reduction Rating Headset Alone 22DB, SNR 27DB, H 31DB, M 23 DB, L 34DB 
  • NFMI Version when used with optional NFMI Earplugs 34 DB
  • Battery run time up to 120 Hours w/Lithium Batteries at 21 Degrees Celsius. 
  • Battery run time up to 80 hours w/Lithium Batteries at 21 Degrees Celsius. 
  • Salt Water Immersion IPX7 
  • Environmental MIL-STD-810G 
  • Operating temperature -40 Degrees Celsius to +71 Degrees Celsius 
  • Storage temperature -40 Degrees Celsius to +71 Degrees Celsius 
  • EMI testing standards MIL-STD-461G
  • Weight 0.85LB

Utilize the auto-shutoff feature conserving your battery power providing your team with reliable communications.

Download Ops-Core User Manual Here 

    Download OPS Core Amp sheet here 

    Download OPS Core Near Field Magnetic Induction Earplug Kit specifications here

    Download OPS Core Rail Mount Specifications here 

    Learn how to mount your OPS Core amp on your helmet below:

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