Waveband Communications understands the importance of efficient radio communications for casino personnel.  Casino security officer’s responsibilities include protecting visitors, employees, and the assets of the organization.  This is why reliable radio communications are critical for casino security personnel.  Casino security professionals rely on their radio as a lifeline. At Waveband Communications we understand the performance of your two-way radio accessories are equally important to that lifeline. This is why every two-way radio battery, charger, audio accessory, and radio case we offer is designed to offer optimal performance in the most demanding environments. All of our products under go vigorous testing to ensure the highest level of dependability.

Our radio accessory products are already in use by some of the largest and most recognizable casinos in the world. To view our comprehensive casino two-way radio accessory catalog, click the link below. Unable to find what you need give our knowledgeable staff a call at 800-806-1076, or emails us at sales@wvbandcoms.com

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