3M Peltor WS Litecom Headset


The 3M LiteCom headsets are recommended for industries including construction, manufacturing, racing, shooting ranges, transportation, and workshops. These headsets help protect your hearing from damage while you’re in a loud work environment. There are three types of LiteCom models that 3M offers.

  • 3M LiteCom WS Pro III
  • 3M LiteCom Pro II
  • 3M LiteCom BRS

The features of the LiteCom series includes Bluetooth, noise-canceling waterproof microphone, VOX, hearing protection, headband or hard hat attachments, and built-in programmable two-way communication radio. Some of the features that are listed are not available in some models.

The questions provided below will help you decide which headset is the right fit for you.

Will you be wearing your headset with or without a hard hat?

You don’t want to sacrifice your hearing because you’re required to wear a hard hat. These headsets are manufactured to include an ARC rail that attaches to a hard hat. The following models of Lite-Com headsets are used with hard hats.

If you won’t be using a hard hat, the following models of Lite-Com headsets include built-in headband:

Do you require a neckband style 3M Lite-Com Radio Headset that can be used with a helmet?

If you’re wearing a helmet like race car drivers, a neckband may be a good fit for you. These neckbands are a comfortable solution that rests on the back of your neck. This allows helmets to sit more securely on your head.

 The following 3M models are recommended for this specific use:

Is intrinsically safe products required for areas where the danger of explosions exists?

3M Lite-Com headsets minimize liability and maximize safety for personnel working in areas with danger of explosions.  A spark from a headset can ignite a catastrophic event. 3M LiteCom produces headsets that are certified intrinsically safe. This keeps you safe and your company. Industries that may benefit from using an intrinsically safe product is not limited to personnel working in mining, oil, gas, chemical, and pharmaceutical or aerospace industries. 

The following 3M Lite-Com headsets are certified as Intrinsically Safe.

Is Bluetooth required for cell phone or two-way radio use?

The 3M LiteCom WS Pro III allows you to sync your external communication device to the headset. With Bluetooth multipoint connectivity,


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Nick Hohman is the Vice President of First Source Wireless. Nick has used his knowledge of 3M headsets to improve communication in public safety. He has attended several communications conferences including International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO), and International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE).

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